Space Colonisation: Almost Ready to Liftoff!

Space Colonisation

Outside your future bedroom window


It is predicted that, should humanity survive and continue to advance its technology at an exponential rate, we will begin our colonisation of space before the end of this century. This website will feature news about preparations being made for our ‘new frontier’. Please follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with advances.




Space exploration is a huge subject. What I have written here is a brief outline of what is needed for it to commence. News updates are over to the right of the page. Stay connected with us to find out more about things many people do not think are even possible.



Not an Easy Journey

What is currently thought of as science fiction will soon become a reality. Major technological advances are needed of course before we set out on our exploration of space. Also, we believe that it is imperative that the world is working in collaboration in this endeavour: A Global Starship Enterprise. Once the necessary technology and global cooperation is in place (predicted to be achieved by 2050) the world will then have to deal with new problems that result from technological advances, new forms of organised crime and new causes of terrorism. Once these problems have been tamed then the next stage of human evolution will take place with a focus on space exploration.

The above outline is what is thought by many scientists as being the most logical prediction of our future. The only realistic threat to this advance is conflict.


New Technologies Needed

Technologies that are still in need of being  developed are;

Warp drives
Improved solar power harnessing
Super-high-speed optical communication
Atomic-powered clocks for navigation
Advanced robots
Gravity simulation
Suspended animation for long trips
Force fields to block hazardous radiation
Human nutrition methods

Suspended animation may not be needed if we have reached immortality and can outsource our conciousness to control artificial bodies on Earth. Instant communication may though be impossible so our consciousness may need to be removed from our minds and transferred into artificial bodies on earth, or vise-versa.  This sounds like science fiction but all of this is predicted to be possible before the end of the century.

Traditional food might not be needed as humans may then be energised by nanotech medical advances which could use solar energy to power the human body while manufacturing the correct amount of vitamins and minerals needed.


Global Cooperation is Imperative

We believe that if the world is not working in collaboration by the time we begin to focus on space colonisation, then the reason will be because China is still not democratic and so is still defending its values against the disapproval of the ‘free’ world. China would have allies and so the world will be split along 2 axis: Democracy and Dictatorship. With such an axis in a time of such advanced weaponry and causes of defence, global war would be inevitable. Space colonisation will not happen while the world is not working as one. Thankfully it is likely that China will begin to democratise within 7 years.


Space, Earth is only the beginning.

Earth is only the beginning


What do you think?

Do you agree that space colonization could begin before the end of the century? Please comment below and also help share the possibility.



  • aofarrell

    At the current rate of our technology i do believe we will eventually space travel, look back 20 years to the mobile phone and computers and how they are now who thought that would be possible, with technology we now have with nano we will be able to do almost anything we want, but it will take time.
    there are alot of people who just don’t want this to happen, why ? I know id rather be free of ever getting ill, you feel like crap when you are and in pain if you contract a life threatening illness why would you want this? I my self look forward to the next 40 years and if immortality is there i will snap it up and enjoy it.