Why Man of Steel will be Groundbreaking for Cinema

Man of Steel


We predict that Man of Steel will smash box office records, and live on to inspire future movies, just as the Matrix did. The reason will be the ‘rewatch’ factor! It seems Man of Steel may have cracked the code; when you leave the cinema, you will want to book right away to see another showing.



Man of Steel, Christ FigureThe secret is ‘fast paced, blink and you’ll miss it action’, scene after scene of it; a super bombardment of lightning fast epic action, all cut between comedy elements, and laid on top of emotionally stirring undertones. And all of this just works to complement the main reason that you will love this movie: Because it is designed to inspire; It assertively demands that humanity follow in the footsteps of the Man of Steel, it places him as a messiah figure, the guiding light. No more ‘boy scout’ of the past; the Man of Steel will be someone we all want to be.

To understand, take a look at the UK TV Spot and gifs below.

Superman punching Zod

Superman bullet dodge

Zod heat vision



























The Matrix was declared a breakthrough for cinema, because of its use of bullet time. It enabled superfast action sequences to be slowed down and seen in detail, in their full glory. Man of Steel will flip that right on its head.

Matrix subway fightAs seen in the gifs above, the cameras won’t be doing any slowing down to let you relax while watching the action unfold. The camera is too busy trying to keep up with the speeds the Man of Steel is capable of. The action will unfold at speeds at the very limit of what we are able to see. A 1 second sequence sees Superman delivering 3 punches to Zod while flying miles though the sky. And what’s best, the execs on the movie say that the “trailer doesn’t even give you one one hundredth of the action in that movie”.

In general, action sequences in movies deliver high octane action, but all quite slow flowing to allow for tension to rise, while interrupting the tension with short sharp bursts of speed. It seems Man of Steel will go from calm to epic action instantly, there will be little middle ground. That way it can for example pack 50 times the action as seen in the Matrix subway fight, in the same amount of time. You will feel like you need to see it over and over again, just to take in what you just saw; so enhancing the rewatch factor.

This is why we think it will smash records. You will want to go and see it again, and you will tell your friends passionately that they need to see it also. It will be groundbreaking because movie makers will want to follow in the success.



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