• Phillis lewis

    What a frightening future. We are not gods and should not be playing as such, yeah I know that is an old fashioned idea (one that has some basis for a reason). If there are any Trexie fans out there you might remember several shows that touched on just this idea and what happened to them. People can’t control their basier emotions esp. when it is about power over lesser beings or what is perceived as lesser (that which is designed and made).

  • http://crimetime.net JTG – Just The Greatest

    I’m more excited at the idea of finding other life in the universe…
    which will intern explain who put us here and how we can stay without repercussions like the one’s shown in the movie.

    For instance when technology becomes so advanced that it can send a Robot that is built with the same mind as us only different materials, into space so that it can not die of old age therefor will eventually reach other life because it’s inevitable.
    Also it will be able to get there much faster.

  • Sang Kang

    One thing for sure, there’s two diverging path, the transcendence will have. If you were to weight the path on a scale, it’s most likely one side will tip over and that is not good for the rest of humanity. If history has taught us, any and more advanced life form will always dominate the lesser life form.

  • cletc47

    Glad to see this topic being explored more in depth. Transcendence is just the first of what I’m sure will be many more film addressing this very real possibility in a not too distant future. Can’t wait to see it.

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  • Raymond Millsaps

    perfect and improving daily. viva evolution…

  • http://singedrac.livejournal.com Singe

    It should be noted the concept and name of the technological Singularity was coined by Vernor Vinge in a paper in 1997 and he deserves a bit more credit than Kurzweil.

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  • http://www.flawlessri.com/music_videos.html LLaqui


  • http://www.facebook.com/christopher.s.jannette Christopher S. Jannette

    Amazing to watch how these ideas were just a spark a decade ago, and almost completely unknown by and large before that. I’ve been paying attention to this for a long time, while one may raise their eyebrows and laugh at the implications, I’d withhold judgement until we see how our technology pans out.

    • https://www.facebook.com/transcendenceX TranscendenceX

      Do you think we CAN wait to see how it plays out….or do we need to be planning for the best (and preventing what may be the worst)? Think its great that this movie is shedding some light!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dan.grantham.3 Dan Grantham

    I thought this movie was by Wally Pfister?

    • http://www.thatsreallypossible.com/ Glyn Taylor

      Wally Pfister is the director yeah. Christopher Nolan is an executive producer.

      • dsdsadsadsad

        Then I wouldn’t call it Nolan’s movie…

        • http://www.thatsreallypossible.com/ Glyn Taylor

          Feel free not to. I haven’t either. Movies are collaborations, they are not one person’s work. I chose to first mention Nolan because his is most recognisable name (judging by facebook likes). Later in the article I write “written by Jack Paglen, directed by Wally Pfister, and produced by Christopher Nolan”.

          Writing like this works best for everybody: Nolan’s name promotes the movie best, and then Wally Pfister in effect receives more publicity 😉

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