Poll: Do you want to be immortal?

Poll: How many people want to be immortal?
We all admit at some point in our lives that we would like to look and feel 10 years younger. Well many people believe that within 35 years, all people will have the opportunity to look and feel 20 years old, for as long as they want. But how many of us would, given the opportunity, want to live forever?



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Do you want to be Immortal?
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By voting yes, you are voting to also be offered the new abilities that will/may be available to people in the future, due to technological advances. For example, you will have the ability to choose the physical/virtual form in which you exist. You can remain in your own biological body, and choose which physical age you appear. Many more forms of existence are possible, including owning cybernetic enhancements, existing in a fully robotic body, or moving into any other type of biological body you can create with your imagination. Also, you could exist in a virtual reality, through mind uploading. What you are allowed to do though is unknown, for we may need to create regulations and restrictions in order to prevent criminals/terrorists from gaining uncontrollable and dangerous abilities.


   More information about immortality

This website explores the issues relating immortality, and features news about humanities advance towards it. To view much more on the subject, visit our immortality central information page.


  • KyukiYoshida

    I definitely want to live forever, hopefully along with all of my loved ones, parents, husband, children. Eternity would be too much to handle without them. I refuse to believe in “oblivion”, in favor of the simple desire to remain in self aware existence with my family forever. I don’t know what’s on the other side, but I don’t plan on finding out, and hopefully no one close to me will either. I seriously pray to whatever beings there may be, that this age reversal and biological immunity stuff they’re working on comes out soon, and can be obtained by the general public. Even if it’s 2000 dollars a shot, I’d save up and buy that shit in heaps.

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  • parashmita chakraborty

    i can’t understand how can a person get extinguished and will have no value in reality after death it means hman must be staying in a different planet and is known as aliens to us . they must be living their life there.

  • roger owen

    I don’t want to die now even though I have the problems of an old person. If there were ways of restoring me to youthful health why would I want to die in that better state. Of course my desire to live would be even stronger so the answer is obvious. Those who say they want to die ‘naturally at the proper time’ would eventually acquire a dreadful disease. Would such people refuse to take a treatment which would make them well again and relieve them of their suffering? I would be surprised if they would whatever they claim now.

  • Tyler Jones

    Its only the next natural step for mankind

  • Mark Tucker

    Yes. Why not. I would like to be immortal as long as it is possible to sleep temporarily when you get bored.

    • Chris Manning

      Wouldn’t you still be bored when you woke up?

  • vic smyth

    I believe that consciousness survives physical death, so we are already eternal beings. I would not want to jeopardize a joyful afterlife for some artificial immortality through technology.

    • Valkra

      I’m agnostic so from my perspective, you’re giving up a “definitely” for a “maybe”. That’s quite a gamble, but hey it’s your life. Immortality should also be a choice, not forced. Immortality is not about living forever, it’s just that your life will never be taken from you due to age. Also who’s to say that living a long time in the physical realm will affect you after death. Simply, no one knows. All we can do is make our own choices, but the key here is that we have to have choices.

  • Timothy James Kal

    I think it would do more good than harm if people lived forever. I hope it comes sooner than 35 years though. Would love to have my mother around.

  • nicolas carstens

    Its not that i want to live indefinetely but at least young for as long as possible.

    • Timothy James Kal

      Why not be young indefinitely? Why bother with death. Every living species point of living is to survive. How does it make sense we fight to live but then give in to death later on.

  • Frank Lazar

    when the topic moves beyond imaginary wish fulfillment to real science and policy, you’ll get my vote.

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  • KMO

    So, when it comes to life extension, it’s either immortality or death at some undefined “natural age?”

    • Immortality is the ability to live forever. How long exactly people want to live, once they have this ability, is up to them. ‘Natural age’ refers to the current life expectancy (depending on the country in which you reside)

      • Timothy James Kal

        I wonder if there will indeed be a limit on how long indefinite really means. Who will control that portion? Will it go down each time one is arrested for a violent offense? Also what if we solve this but the sun dies anyway? Or better yet Earth destroys itself like it did to the last dominant species here? A lot of viable questions, that in time may need to be answered. I believe it may be possible to have “Heaven” on Earth and that’s what people were referring to. The dying part is “Hell”. Out of quantum physics we may be able to learn how to alter the universe in our benefit. Truly become Guardians of the Galaxy.

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