Are we ‘God’? But we just like to live fresh life cycles?

We Are God



Many explanations exist for our existence. This is not a major informative article, just a little something to think about.




I don’t subscribe to any of the explanations because any are possible. This possible explanation is thought up through what we know will be possible in our future. We look to see how we can gain the powers of God’s and then wonder, have we already gained them?


In the Future we will be Gods

Humanity is evolving at an exponential rate. Before the end of this century we would have probably reached the Singularity, and our intelligence levels will be raised beyond comprehension. Should we survive, we will eventually become as powerful as the Gods that many of us worship. We will create virtual worlds as real as ours. We will be immortal.

Often though, even people who want to be immortal state that they think eventually a time could come when they will have had enough of living.

What if in the next 10 thousand years, people who have lived thousands of years and were saying that they would like to die, were given a different option?


Fresh Life Cycles

What if those people tired of life, were given the option to be ‘plugged in’ to a virtual reality, and born as a normal baby in that virtual world, with no memories, just as babies are born here? But when they died in that virtual world they woke up in our reality, with all the memories of their normal life and all the memories from their life in the virtual world.

Eventually, in billions/trillions of years, we could create whole virtual universes from the point of the big bang to the formation of stars, planets, and life. And we could use those universes as the platform to let us live fresh life cycles.

What if we have already done this? And we are all currently living through a life cycle, to merely wake up when we die?



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  • Hunter

    God is real. What if god put all of your past memories in your mind just to test you for your next decision. What are you going to do? Start living for others and not yourself and you will make a great change in not only other people lives but yours too.

  • Gear Mentation

    This would only be true if most people were not “real,” but only props the computer program uses to flesh out the simulation for those who are actually gods getting particular experiences. Because surely no god would want most human lives.

  • Max_White

    As much as I hope this is true, I fear that this would be a terrible thing…

    Mostly because *I* will die, and whoever chose to do his fresh life cycle as me would just have my memories.

    If it’s true, than I hope there’s a sort of fail safe that prevents a sim from achieving immortality inside the sim, because then the consciousness will be trapped within the simulated life cycle.

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