How everybody who has ever died, can be revived in the future

Light at the end of the tunnel

What if there is no God, does that mean that death is death? Well if humanity survives long into the future and time travel becomes possible, perhaps not.

We are thinking big here. Importantly though, we are thinking logically, based on scientific theories of what might be possible in the future. Spiritual religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam all rely on the pure guess that we have a ‘god’ watching over us, who will take our souls to a better place when we leave this world; they rely on faith, on hope.

We are the gods; we are the creators; the existence of our afterlife could depend on our efforts to improve humanity.


The Necessary Technologies

To achieve what we are proposing, humanities technologies will need to have had advanced to almost inconceivable levels. The necessary technologies are listed below.

Quantum Computing & Femto Computing.

We will need to have created Quantum Computers, based on Nanotechnology. It is predicted that Quantum Computers will be functional as soon as the 2020’s, and by the 2040’s it is predicted that they will be billions of times more powerful than the supercomputers of today. As we continue into the future, nanoscale computing will miniaturize  further, to the femto scale. Femto Computers will again be billions of times faster than Quantum Computers. Computers of the future will be incomprehensibly powerful.

Artificial General Intelligence

Computers of those speeds will not be useful unless their operators are of equal capacity, unless that computer is conscious, and able to think for itself. It is predicted that this conscious Artificial General Intelligence will be created as soon as the 2040’s, and that it will be used to augment the ability of the human mind. Our intelligence levels could be increased beyond comprehension in as little as 35 years.


We will need to free ourselves from dependence on earth resources for fuel, and harness the power of the sun for all of our energy needs.

Time Travel Clock


Theoretically, in the future everything we need to survive will be free. This will be due to our Energy Self-Sufficiency, advanced robotics and artificial intelligence combining to sustain our existence. Read more about this on our Post-Scarcity page.

Time Travel

It is currently thought that time travel may be possible. Also read how time travel may be possible, even if it is not.


How the dead can be revived

In all likelihood, as we continue to advance in the future we will be aiming to create a utopia. We will be reaching for the perfection of our existence. It is what all of us are already aiming for, the best possible life. Therefore everything that becomes possible and is moral, somebody will aim to achieve.

If we learn today how to bring back the dead, we would undoubtedly want to do bring back our lost loved ones. And those lost loved ones will want to bring back the loved ones they had previously lost, and so on.

It would of course need to be done so nobody from the past knew it was happening , otherwise we would already know it is happening, and it will change the course of the future, possibly destroying that future.

It would be done by an unimaginably enhanced Artificial Intelligence system that has the ability to not only see the whole of time and space, but to scan and copy the information it sees. So it would identify the moments before deaths, and scan the consciousness of the dying. The information will be materialized into the future.

What happens after they materialise is debatable. For instance, what about criminals? Do we want murderers to be revived?

Perhaps the AI system will be smart enough to know how to rehabilitate people: Perhaps the criminals and the immoral will be first sent into an artificial (virtual) world, which is run by a Rehabilitation AI System. And in that artificial world, scenarios and lessons are played out to teach the wrong doers the error of their ways. Perhaps though some people will have caused so much destruction in their lives that they are not revived, because the rest of us won’t want them to be.


What do you think?

That is just my opinion of how it is most likely we will be revived in the future. The possibilities are endless. Do you think it is likely? Do you have any other theories?


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  • Bruce Johnston

    Thank you, Felipe. On the off chance that it makes any difference, his name was (is) Rowan. He had blonde hair and his mom’s blue eyes. Hopefully that AI can find him on whatever remains on Facebook 🙂

  • Bruce Johnston

    To me, this is not at all a fuzzy, “maybe” issue. My son died three weeks ago in an auto accident. He was two years old. I miss him more than anything, and I think he would have chosen to live, myself. He loved his life and his mother and father and his people and the land he lived on. No, he feels no more pain, but I think he’d be happy to see us if he could come back. And God knows, I would want him back. So would everyone who knew him.

    So if there is some hope of him getting resurrected in the future, or just of seeing him again, that would be lovely. Beyond lovely. I hope I’ll just be here to see it. I will say that I do not really understand the science and am skeptical of people who claim possibility, blindly, for something that everybody really, really wants. Please do not hold out possibilities like this to people like myself for whom it is not a “Wow!” thing, when it really means something dear to our hearts. Thank you.

    • Felipe Amorim

      That really touched me! I’m sorry about your son and what I really want to say is that, if we someday could resurrect someone and this AI exists. It would probably find your comment in this Web page(because of past analyses) and do it for you. That is not a promise but God is good to us, he is delivering something incredible.

    • Matthew Daraei

      Oh, sorry for the loss. My father died 40 days ago, and I want to meet him again alive. That is a reason I am here reading this article and comments. I had been living in another country for 7 years when he died. I just saw him once, 6 years ago.

      My dream is to become rich, and fund the scientists who are willing to revive dead people, and hopefully someday in near future, you can see your son, I can see my father, and millions of people can resurrect their loved ones.

      I believe that it will be possible, I am waiting for that day.

  • Crystal Hasley

    The Egyptians channeled star energy, mummies, and stem cells inside the pyramids to resurrect the dead (refer i.e. the book of the dead), among other things.

  • Arcibald Dempster

    Religious people believe god will resurrect the dead–and like myself I believe in future- man will find a way to raise the dead and populate the universe and billions more people will be around living on multiple planets.
    Space travel at super speeds will let it be possible to get around different solar systems and people will live for ever and there will abundant lasting energy that will never die out.
    Until that day arrives man will struggle on and to improve and better our existence.

  • Albi Ndoni

    Immortality and Resurrection,the last two achievements..

  • Albi Ndoni

    Human resurrection based on science…the last technology to be fulfilled…after that there won’t be more obstacles for mankind…

  • Hope

    Even if we do reach a level of technology that we can time travel, we still don’t know if we’d be traveling back to the exact time and place that happened. More research lately has been saying that time travel could work on Multiverse theory. So as soon as we go back in time, we would have created another Universe. So what we do in that time would have no effect on our timeline.
    I would also like, if possible, to bring back the dead, as in the actual people who died. I don’t think we would want exact copies. It wouldn’t feel right. And that’s going on the basis that Reincarnation isn’t true. And even some Scientists believe Reincarnation is Scientifically possible. But then if that’s the case, why does the population keep increasing. Unless Souls aren’t limited to this Universe? And if Reincarnation is real, then there might be some kind of place we go after we die where we all see each other again. Someplace that exists beyond all human comprehension. In which case, would we really need to revive the dead if we all just meet up there? If it’s true. And technology might reveal all this for us in the future.

    There are just too many questions that we cannot answer at the moment. But one thing is for certain. Technology is increasing, and it’s getting faster. I don’t know what kind of technologies we will have in the future, but I believe with full certainty (providing we don’t wipe ourselves out) that we will be able to bring back everyone we have lost.

    So I will keep holding onto the memory that one day I will be in the garden surrounded by all our loved ones kicking the ball down the garden, watching the dog, who has regained all his youth chase after it 😉

    • Felipe Amorim

      But in order to multiverse exist, the Standart model of phisics would be wrong. It means that reconstructing each individual would not be achievable, because atoms are uncertain.

  • dirkbruere

    There is a more detailed analysis of the requirements for reviving the dead here:

  • Jonathan Jones

  • Sean Andrew Ingram

    Well, in a biblical sense, the bible does say the dead will rise and inhabit the earth again and it will be pure heaven. If what this article describes does come true, then that biblical prophecy also will happen!

  • gosh

    I’m a Buddhist and let me add that Buddhists don’t believe in (a) creator god(s)… We generally believe that the Self is not real and when we die, that we’re gone for good (the Ego/Self). However, our “soul” goes on…

    However, I want to be immortal… I want to learn and explore so much, I think humans live way too short…. Most people live up to like 80… I know enough people who managed to age up to 100… But even then, it all feels as if it’s not long enough…

    And I’m only 23… pfdfskjgsjdg

  • Tony Peart

    Time travel is not possible since time is not separate from space . Uncle Albert described it as Space-Time
    it is a unity so to travel back it would be required that the entropy of the whole universe be reversed ,
    The common view of time seems to be a product of gaining a world view from TV movies and comic books .

    • Still, that does not make it impossible. We could be in a space-time that exists within another space-time

      • Tony Peart

        The concept of space-time as far as I understand it is that it is not separate .Time travel as most regard it implies that the past is somehow still there to visit . All we experience is the now and awareness is always now .The past is a memory the future hasn’t happened . To get around this you would have to remove yourself from the universe and travel along some time vector ,It works as a plot development in fiction but there is no indication that it can happen . If one could travel in time then why not travel in length alone without travelling in width and height. All these dimentions are map referances for humans to communicate to other humans and the map is not the territory only a symbolic representation

  • Hunter

    Under “How the Dead can be revived” you say “Perhaps the criminals and the immoral will be…” If there is no god then there is no such thing as moral or immoral. Further, “Spiritual religions such as …rely on the pure guess that we have a god watching over us” – Faith and reason combined makes up a religion. Look at St. Thomas Aquinas Five ways of proving gods existence. I am open to what you have to say and will be keeping you in my prayers.

    • Morality can exist without religion – I know because I am passionate about morals, and I do not subscribe to a religion. You don’t have to read a rule book to understand the difference between right and wrong and all its shades of grey.

      Maybe you’re saying that because there would be nothing out of our current existence that is judging our morality, then morality does not matter. I personally believe that while we don’t know there is anything other than what we know out there.. We should create our own gods. If there is a creator watching us, then if we are doing wrong by becoming the gods, I’m sure we will be told.

      I just skimmed through the Five Ways you mentioned. Most interesting is the suggestion that there would be nothing here, if there was not an original cause of everything. Meaning that our universe was not the first thing to exist. I do agree that is very likely, but disagree that we should therefore devote our beliefs to one single explanation of our existence, and even the existence of a god or creator.

      Perhaps our universe is a natural formation and nothing created it but nature. Perhaps it was created as an experiment. Perhaps we ourselves created it. These are all realistic possibilities. I talk more about these ideas in my article, Reasons we could be in Simulated Reality –

      Thank you for your comment

      • Hunter

        I think that you having morality and other great people unassociated with any religion points further toward their being a God. Keep in mind in order to learn the knowledge of something it has to be TAUGHT. God Taught man what is right and wrong when he first created them and that’s why I believe all men somewhere deep down have morality. Also I don’t view my religion as a rule book. I believe that because god loved us so much and knew that the only way that people can be entirely happy was with him, he gave us guidelines how we should live our life.

        God gave us free
        will. He did this so that we have a choice. We can choose right or wrong
        (morality) so that we can have a true relationship with him. If he all of a
        sudden came down to earth we would see how great, powerful, and loving he was
        and he would violate our free will. We wouldn’t have a choice weather or not to
        worship him and it would mess up his original plan for us. There is no way of
        god telling that we shouldn’t be making ourselves the god us except through a
        whisper that we can choose to be quiet and listen or keep what we want to hear

        Further I don’t believe in god just because there is only
        one single explanation that points to Him. I believe that their many ways that
        people can come to the knowledge of god. Take for example miracles. There are
        hundreds of miracles some that have even occurred within the last ten years.
        Now I am not talking about pictures of Jesus Burned onto toast, but much
        greater things like the incorruptible bodies of some saints. You can still go
        and visit the bodies that may be 1600 years old and have no decay. Many well
        profound scientists have done studies on them and scientifically proved that there
        is no preservative on or in them.

        “Perhaps it was created as an experiment. Perhaps we
        ourselves created it. These are all realistic possibilities.” And finally I believe
        that the universe being so big that it was created by us or as an experiment takes
        a lot of faith to say that it is a realistic possibility. I believe that it
        takes more faith to believe that it is a realistic possibility than it takes to
        believe in god.

        I read your article and thought that it was
        something to think about but still think that there is much more proof of there
        being a God. I hope I don’t push any buttons but am curious about your beliefs and
        think that we can learn from each other.

        Thanks for replying – Hunter

        • Dave Andrews

          It never fails in these conversations. The God given “free will” is an excuse to justify the almighty sky friends, superstitions and fairy tales.

          “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours”

          -Stephen Roberts

  • Novos Krontol

    There is one particular thing that I have wondered about during my readings of various texts and websites discuss downloading or transferring minds or, as mentioned in this article, in reviving the dead via reconstruction of their mental states. If, somehow, one creates an exact copy of any given conscious being (suppose a human for this example), down to the last atom (and perhaps beyond?), then will that person be the “same subjective consciousness” as of the original person rather than a type of clone? Basically, can creating an exact duplicate revive that person in truth? I suppose it may, either in whole or in part, depend on what all things/conditions/phenomenon are exactly necessary for self awareness and consciousness to exist or what exactly gives rise to consciousness, including the specific individual nature inherent of human consciousness.

    However, it does seem to me that this idea of reviving the dead via complete copying (with the necessary assumption that everything required to bring back a specific consciousness or self awareness is indeed replicable) would be more probable than “transferring conscious” from one medium to another because at least one may be able to copy everything down to the last detail whereas a transfer would easily miss out on key elements needed to maintain the “original person” or to even allow for a self aware and conscious being.

    I do see that this has been discussed in this comment section before.

  • brenarda

    I only want to spend some evenings with a loved death one, in virtual reality

  • Leon Ka

    Ok, folks, a lot of interesting point of views here.
    An important thing here though is the fact that once we’ll merge into machines and become them we’ll probably be to busy evolving, creating and entertaining ourselves to get bored but we might lose interest in anything of the past.
    Assuming we’d be just as smart or smarter to our current selves than a human is to an ant or even a bacteria, our superior understanding of everything might make us miss the point of reviving our infinitely more stupid ancestors even if they could be instantly upgraded.
    Even people such as Ray Kurzweil who would love to do that (revive his dad) might lose any motivation in bringing back to life their loved ones even soon after the singularity because being only an order of magnitude smarter than we are might make us understand things about life, death and science that we still have no idea about.
    We might for example discover that the multiverse is simply an almost infinite number of simulated universes and computer programs where much smaller programs such as us have developed.
    Or we might figure out that instead of being smaller computer programs supposed to once again create new Virtual life we could actually have a different origin:
    Our soul would then come from “the upper field” where we’d be so perfect that “life on earth” would be a simple video game to make us experience “limitation”, seemingly lasting for a couple of hours in the upper field but about 80 years when we are into the game.
    We might be currently all players of this elaborate video game.
    In this case “life” and “death” would very much be an illusion and our family wouldn’t even be real the way we perceive it itself so why would we care about it in case we actually finally got to understand that we are trapped into a game.
    Also, Eternal life here would keep us trapped longer in it what is actually a great thing since the whole point of the game just as any game might be to get there:
    To survive into the game for as long as possible and create ourselves such tremendous games again. new universes, multiverses and life of all kind with a multitudes of different forms and physical laws…
    So if you ask me personally. In case that this is actually the case. If “death” is only the fact of being “game over” from the “life on earth” short simulation while getting back instantly to our full consciousness maybe billions of fold higher than this one, I’m still curious about going through the process of this local evolution from being such a caveman right now to leaving earth after some decades and greatly opening my mind and consciousness.
    Anyone wants to come along? I guess we almost all do here. Sorry to hurt your feelings but by then your loved ones and ancestors might not matter much though but what always will matter is what will be coming next until we’d have circled the whole thing and that will take a while thankfully…

  • Stephen M. Dupree

    The question is “Why?” Don’t get me wrong, I am anything but a Luddite. I’m ready to sign up to be downloaded right now.

    You speak of a future where the intellectual capabilities of the AI far exceed that of any individual human and possibly the human race. With that kind of computing power, distributed across billions upon billions of nodes, there will be no jobs. There will be no need for them. Everything you could possibly need would be available to you slightly before you ask. So what will the trillion or so human consciousnesses do? Nothing but leisure time and no real way to feel useful. How long will that be attractive to most people? Even the introspective among us might eventually tire of life. I frequently say that I am 2500+ years behind on my reading. What happens when I get caught up?

    I also say that I want to be a space ship. I want to be downloaded into a computer that is integrated into an interstellar capable space ship. Send me out with a digital copy of the entirety of human knowledge, including updates as long as I was in range, and I should be good for a while. There are a lot of star systems so I suppose that there could be a billion folks like me and yea, that seems like a lot but once you have launched those billion star ships, what do the 999 billion left behind do?

    I do think recovering the lost knowledge of humanity by scanning and recording every human’s memory, everyone that ever existed. Maybe the problem is my limited imagination but I know a shitload of people and very few of them appear to me to be folks who would like my starship fantasy but neither would they (IMNSHO) want to exist for a thousand years as a corporeal human. I agree that it is likely that we will evolve the capability to do as you describe. I just can not see the “why”.

    • Buggs

      The manor of ones death could be remembered and if it was violent then that memory could cause a change in the copy and as such could bring more hate and violence into the world,particularly if one dies in a similar manor more than once.

    • gosh

      I honestly believe this concept is a step to Utopia.

      Of course nothing can be literary perfect, but, imagine all the knowledge we could have, omg….

  • w1z11

    Although we might learn how to do this, I cannot quite see it as a very ‘positive’ improvement, unless we’ll somehow regulate how many ‘revivals’ will be allowed. Our planet just couldn’t handle the numbers, y’know? I’m just sayin’…

    • Gear Mentation

      They could if the revived lived in virtual reality.

    • w1z11

      See also Ezekiel 37

  • aofarrell

    Well when google buy there second quantum computer in two years time as it is currently being built and will be a whopping 2043 qubits which will be nearly 4 times faster than google’s current D-wave of 512 qubits which is 36000 times faster then the worlds super computer so im sure it will be able answer that question.

  • Dan

    I am a very philsophical person… this is something for all to think about, I have my own opinion but I won’t share it as I don’t want to sway anyway others think about it. Would we be bringing them back or would we just be making a copy?

    • That’s a good question, and I think the only answer could be that we are making a copy. Unless that is, you believe in the existence of a ‘quantum soul’. There are scientists who believe that our consciousness exists at the quantum level, and that its operation could travel between dimensions; meaning that the operation could be transfered rather than copied. Nothing but mere speculation though. Follow the site on Facebook/Google+ Dan? I like how you think

      • Tony Peart

        You are using words indiscriminately. Our consciousness is not what you imagine ,it is a narrative that you use to describe yourself to yourself and at any moment one is conscious of very little that is happening around . We are not even aware of the blind spots in the visual field .The image we see is produced by the brain , Human eyes see detail in the central 2% and motion in the other 98% and it is upside down and sicading ( vibrating ) at 20 hz and we are aware of none of this as the image we perceive is seamless and in colour from edge to edge which is something our eyes can’t produce . A dimension is a unit of measurement height width length and time. Scientists should know not believe and the term quantum gets used for things that it has no business being involved in

    • Gear Mentation

      If the soul exists, then they would be copied. If the soul doesn’t exist, then it’s no different from everyday life, as the past doesn’t exist… you are copied from one moment to the next, and each copy is imperfect so that we change and forget over time.

  • Nina Pina

    Interesting article, but would really benefit from a more informed understanding of “spiritual religions”. First of all, Buddhism doesn’t have a god, or claim that there is a heaven. Secondly, many people who favor the idea that we are in control of our own destiny (“we are the gods, we are the creators”) are deeply spiritual. That concept has links to Karma as espoused in Buddhism, the idea of cosmic consciousness that became popular in the 1960s, and in all sorts of New Age-type things today. The debate over whether there is a god or not is only a small part of spiritual and religious discourse… Just something to think about.

    • Where the lines are blurred is simple the area where we approach the incomprehensible. Fringe science and futurism often steps on those blurred toes where also steps religion. The difference is, religions claim to know what lies beyond what is blurred; fringe science and futurism takes what is already known (really known) and aims to speculate on what is possible, while remaining open to all other proposed possibilities. “we are the gods, we are the creators”, is a statement intended to inspire; it is what we could logically become in the most loose sense of the term ‘god’ possible. It implies that what many believe is out of our reach, is actually our future, if we so wish it to be.

      I do admit though, I have little understanding of religious discourse, whether that is a good or a bad thing is debatable, but it is certainly a bad thing for writing articles on the subject. Thanks for the comment, I’ll look into it more next time

  • Samantha Atkins

    I am not at all sure it is ethical to bring someone back far beyond their original timeline without their consent. The culture shock would likely be tremendous. This is even assuming that it could be done which is quite a stretch.

    • Is it ethical to give us the choice though?

      I certainly know that I would want to be revived and I welcome any possible culture shock (should it be positive).

      Revival can be compared to what spiritual religions see as heaven. We could live in a utopia in the future where anything is possible. Should no ‘God’ exist then we won’t be having any sort of afterlife unless we make it ourselves.

      • aofarrell

        I would when its possible to do so that it should be done with that persons consent as you would need there memories uploaded to their new body and those in the past if revived would not be who they were as they could design a body 3d print a new brain but they would have to learn all over again, so i would leave those of the past alone, on the upside of this generation before we die hopefully the technology would of been designed to upload our memories on a disc this would be a copy of our thoughts so if you wanted the could 3d print your body then upload your memories delete the part were you die and you would not of knowledge of your death.
        so now we get to how it looks for us now, we have quantum computers which will greatly advance our Tec over the next decade’s in the medical field, nanomedicine would be implemented in the 2020-2030 era so im positive that we will live long enough not to physically die we just have to make it that far, im 32 in good health so hopefully i and everyone who is around the same age or younger will benefit of what is goin to happen in the next 20 years, it is going to be amazing and cant wait for 2020 to come.

    • Buzz Teddy Head

      I expect most people would be expecting some form of religious event. The answer would be simply to play to that particular religion. When people partake in a near death experience this seems to be what happens after they enter the light. They tend to have a religious experience, followed by a life review.

      I presume that if some entity is capable of recreating a complete replication of our mind they would also know wether or not we wish to be awarded a continued existence. Or maybe we don’t get a choice. It is possible that society at that time choses to judge people on the crimes they have committed or good deeds done, awarding particularly nasty criminals with an experience of virtual hell. The urge to punish misdeeds is a strong one with us humans.

    • Tyler

      People could just be be given the choice to go back to sleep or stay alive.

  • Anthrobotic

    Massive computational power logically projected out quickly lends itself to simulation theory ( – which would effectively negate any necessity for time travel – because either the data of the past, in the form of Albert Einstein, for example, is archived and accessible, or our programmed memory of it is all that ever existed – it never actually happened. However, we could create an individual based on our idealized version.

    What we think of as “time travel” could also be the simple realization of a clear, holistic perspective on the the hard drive and OS of the universe – accompanied by the ability to copy/paste at will.

    So, okay fellow superminds, who wants to play another round of Semi-Conscious Bi-Pedal Hairless Primates with Technology?

  • Alantar

    I am in favor of the resurrection of the dead – provided they wish to be resurrected, of course, and that they can be resurrected without endangering society.

    Some might say that this should be left to God, but who is to say that this is not how God intended it to happen?

    • Dave Andrews

      That’s if there is an imaginary almighty sky friend.

      “We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing all-powerful God, who creates faulty Humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes.”

      -Gene Roddenberry

      • Felipe Amorim

        What if we are in a simulation run by this advanced society to see who they wish to be resurrected or not based on our life’s. Maybe God and his statements was about that all that time, and hell is just not exist at all.

        • RIcky Canizarez

          very interesting! never thought about it from that angle. but it is very interesting bcuz how do we talk about things that we have never allegedly seen before and be so versatile in our descriptions and so grounded in our beliefs or ideals when we havent ever seen or been there allegedly. im speaking of the word (eternity). we instinctively know far too much about (it) and we also have a somewhat understanding of the physics of it as well. Now how can we know such things about something as deep as eternity,which in retrospect we really dont from this realm have anything that we could actually compare it to ,to understand what we do know about INCASE WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN THERE anad perhaps thats where we truly reside and this is as you said. Time you know is nothing but a mechanism for example to keep a animated thing in motion just as we use time to not overcook our food and etc. so without time since it is a tool that keeps us in motion as sun coming and going along with theseasons, then all that would truly be left withouty it is eternity. so really time isnt real but eternity is real and all that there is. idk. food for thought

      • Ricky Canizarez

        God created man from corrupt dust of the ground,corrupt being that it and the entire earth itself was consumed and filled with the spirit of pride which happened as satan or perhaps(the alter ego of god himself) was cast down here to the earth and satans sin that caused him to be ejected from the presence of the lord was pride.So god places the man in a enviroment where he is destined to fail. The lord made the tree and he the lord planted it there so that goes along with a scripture from the book of isaiah 45:7 where i dont remember exactly the quoted words verbatim but it does say that i bring about the light and the darknes that i the lord create evil and i create the peace. i do all of these things says the lord. So really the intention from the gate was for us to fail bcuz we were created in a enviroment that was consumed with pride which in itself was destructive enough to get the devil barred from the presence of the lord. So we become engulfed with it and soon after cain murders abel and so on. But I guess what im trying to say is God isnt blaming humans for his own mistakes, he intentionally created and put us here in this enviroment for whatever reason known truly only to him. I do personally favor the idea of US AND THE WORLD THAT WE ARE IN AS BEING SIMULATED but i know thats not everybodys cup of tea but i have given it some serious thought. Anyways ill gopahead and stop talking. Ive said enough

        • Dave Andrews

          “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God” – Epicurus

          • RIcky Canizarez

            isaiah 45:7 i bring about light and i call the darkness to come forth. i the lord create the evil and i bring the peace. i do all of these thing saith the lord. (not verbatim) but thats what it says

            • Dave Andrews

              Sorry, the holy bible verses only apply to those who don’t freely think for themselves. The almighty Sky Friends and superstitions are make believe. They have nothing to do with reason and common sense.

              “I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours”-Stephen Roberts

        • Dave Andrews

          Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? – Epicurus

          • Ricky Canizarez

            Well then I guess everything that we feel think and believe and love is in vain. Including our love for our loved ones. I don’t believe in imaginary friends in the sky but there are different dimensions and there something else Goin on I just don’t know what it is.

            • Dave Andrews

              Personally one can still love others, love and enjoy life without so much of the supernatural insanity.
              Who really knows what it is? For me to think freely for oneself, educate and question what isn’t can help with the unknown.

              “The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one”-George Bernard Shaw

              • Ricky

                Agreed..well said!

  • Terrence Lee Reed

    I don’t think it is very likely, even if possible, why would everybody who has ever died be revived in the future?

    Can anyone who wants to opt out?

    I can see where the fascination comes from: If anything is impossible, the revival of everyone who has ever died would certainly be it. It’s something that only God could do, right?
    Changing the agency from God to AI does not change the weakness of the concept.

    Death does not pain the dead, only the living, if we bring people back (or copy them before they are erased) then we do so for our own benefit, not that of those who died. It might be to the benefit of the dead if AI is able to return them to the time in which they died with their health fully restored, which it could do virtually, but this would be akin to sentencing them to live in The Matrix, or an episode of The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits (extremely close to reality, but just not quite).

    Please leave the dead alone (and when I die, leave me alone) and instead make the most of life and extending it, both our lives and those of our descendants. Forget Second Life, give me real life, no matter how long or short it may be.

    • Johannes Gritsman

      It’s not just for our benefit but they really have the right to choose if they really wanted to die.

      I bet most of all dead people would choose to live.

      It’s not just virtually, an AI capable to scan space and (past) time could produce a ordinary biological body in the present time too and be able to reproduce any mind to it.

      Of course we must respect the will of those who willingly and intentionally wants to cease to exist.

      But both are personal choices.

      • Terrence Lee Reed

        “I bet most of all dead people would choose to live.” I would agree that most of all living people would choose not to die, but it is certainly not true that most of all dead people would choose to live. In the case of those that die young or in accidents, of course, but those that die of natural causes or even a prolonged illness are content to be in the grave. Just ask them.

        A good example for this discussion is the final scenes of Spielberg’s film, “A.I.” (2001), in which the main character’s “mother” is brought back to life for just one day, and after that dies again. This was not done for the benefit of the mother, but solely for the A.I.’s need for closure, so he could rest in peace himself.

        I am sure that you would take issue with the example, but I think it is the best example of the issue. The dead don’t care if they come back or not, by definition, they are already dead. The only way to truly bring them back is to go back in time, which also causes more problems than it solves.

        Please let the dead rest in peace, unless they specifically designate that they want to participate in such endeavors before they die. If you want to encourage people to include such statements in their Last Will and Testament, then more power to you. As for me, I take the EU stance, we all have the “right to be forgotten”.

        • gosh

          Or people can sign a contract and donate their bodies. There.

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