Why you will want to be immortal, and why you think you don’t

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The real possibility of immortality is first responded to with shock, then by rejection, and then by some, fear. Here we explore why people say that they would not want to be immortal, and why, when faced with real immortality, they will embrace it with euphoria.

In our main immortality information page, we explain how immortality will likely be achieved within 30 years. Currently, we spend our lives with our end in sight – we have mastered how to come to terms with our ‘inevitable demise’. Some of us find peace in believing there will be an afterlife, others believe in reincarnation, and others just see it as an eternal peaceful sleep. With that pre-programming, we are reluctant to change our whole beliefs systems and get our hopes up that we will never die here in the life we already live. We then pack our heads with illogical reasoning for why we would not want to be immortal… so as to allow us to be content with death.


Perceived tiredness of life

With our end in sight, consciously, subconsciously and physically we grow tired, and convince ourselves that death is a good thing because eventually there will come a time when we are warn out. I propose that the mental tiring of life, only happens because we see our life expectancy as only being 70-80 years.

For example, if you were on a 2 hour plane journey, when your plane lands, if you were told that you had to now do that journey another 10 times before you get off, you would be devastated; you would likely say “no way, just take me home”. Yet, on a 20 hour plane journey, after 2 hours, you will barely be tired or bored, you would still be settling in.

The point is, on a journey, we subconsciously set the endpoint and map our entire thinking around that timeframe. This is partly why older people are more likely than younger people to say they do not want immortality. Older people have spent more time coming to terms with death and mapping their thinking around its approach.


Actual tiredness of ‘life’

I have wrote ‘life’ like this, because what I am actually talking about is repetition. People see the repetitions of their current lives as the be all and end all of what life is. This is not the case. The future is full of infinite changes, we will talk about this more later. People often say that they will not like to live forever because, for example “I will have to do the dishes FOREVER?”, or “I will have to do my job FOREVER?”. Nobody would want to live forever if nothing ever changed. But that is not our future. This is another reason why older people are more likely to not want to live forever; they are more tired of routine than the young.


Physical tiredness

Again another reason why older people more often say they would not like to live forever is because their bodies have become tired. If you ask them if they would like to have the body they had when they were 20, they would jump with a yes. And with that body, I’m sure they will not like to die as soon as they did when they were in their old bodies. In the near future, our bodies will be forever young.


The world will only get worse

I have often seen, in comments for articles about immortality, people saying that they won’t want to live in our “evil world” forever. They basically say that the world is destined to fail, that we are simply damaging our planet and don’t deserve to live on it. This is of course due to pessimism. All I can say is, it is up to you to create the future you want to see.

Plus, another common first reaction when considering immortality is saying that we will overpopulate. This is untrue. You can read why in our article about why overpopulation will not happen.


The heartache of lost loved ones

This very much relates to people coming to terms with their impending deaths. They have it set as a possibility (or certainty, if they subscribe to certain religions) that when they die, they will be reunited with lost loved ones. They perceive the heartache as being something that they could not forever live with, but they actually just think that because of the ‘perceived tiredness’, as spoked about above. I say, why want to leave other loved ones that are still alive? You will simply cast your suffering onto others. We can end that suffering for new generations.


Why you want to be immortal

If you are reading this already knowing that you want to become immortal, you will probably already know that our future is a wondrous place. If you know little about what the future holds, but already want to be immortal, you are most likely below the age of 40 and are greatly inspired to explore life. Whatever your age, you are a motivated person, who loves life and wants to not only live it, but also contribute to its improvement.

If you do not want to be immortal, then I believe it is for the reasons explained above; and you don’t yet know the possibilities held by the future. The reason you want to be immortal,  is because of infinite possibility. Nobody is left uninterested by the thought of possibility, the thought of what’s next? What’s over that hill? You will always know what is next, and you will always know it while you have a fully functional youthful human body. The future holds our ability to even transcended our bodies; it holds the discovery of life on other planets, and the potential discovery of our creator and the reason for our existence.  You have the power to create your absolute paradise, why risk losing it all in a blind leap of faith to death.

Remember, immortality doesn’t mean you need to live forever, just that you don’t need to have your life taken from you by your ageing body.


What do you think?

Do you want to become immortal? Please comment below with your thoughts.

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  • Mairon Aulendil

    Immortality will drive a mortal MIND insane, as if it’s running out of personality and new experiences, no longer able to tell yesterday from the last century, no longer able to pursue any goals, because they are pointless, when you live forever. Culture would decay. There would be nothing left, but a horrible void in your mind. Why to set a mark in the world, when you’ll stay there till the sun explodes or human race destroys itself in another war waged about the right for immortality and rare ressources?
    Oh what a temptation this would be, immortality! But it’s just the knowlegde and understanding of their own mortality, that led to mankinds rise.

  • Conrado Salas Cano

    You deleted my post?

  • Conrado Salas Cano

    If I am granted immortality and eternal youth through some biomedical or nanotechnological fix, I won’t truly feel that I have conquered death and ageing. To truly feel like a master, reveling in having conquered death and ageing, I should conquer these in the way some very, very few super-enlightened masters (or avatars) are said to have -to some extent- done it: spontaneously, or through the power of Consciousness. I think that this can be done in principle: my friend Jesús Jofre Milà met a few of those masters in Perú and saw the age of one of them in the passport. He recounts having achieved a partial levitation sitting with those masters in a circle. But I don’t have that power to spontaneously regenerate and rejuvenate my body. Or at least I don’t think I do. I am a defeated man. My mom is slowly dragging me to the grave. I am becoming ever obsolete before the new generation. My genes are inferior. I never ran like a nigger, even at my athletic prime. I am full of fears. Due to a genetic DEFECT, and the several marathons I tried to compete in, I have almost totally run out of cartilage in my right hip joint and have been medically advised not to run anymore. The world is an ugly, cruel, competitive place, where the slightest mistake can set you back irremediably. To break free from the dreary routine and travel to faraway places, you have to undertake some risks, which even bodily immortality won’t protect you from.
    If I travel back to the US, I am afraid the authorities at the border will single me out for my webpage: I have been a 9/11 truth seeker. If I return to academia, someone might find out and bring up the fact that I cheated in some coursework towards my B.S. degree, and proceed to strip me of my title and hence of my formal right to speak in academia. (My later M.S. degree in Physics was rightfully earned, though)
    No, Earth is a prison planet for all but a very few. To get a shot at minimally enjoying this world, you have to be part of the global Elite: i.e., be above the (fiat) money-creating circle, move in that privileged circle of trust, from the Bohemian Grove to the Cayman Islands, with the lesser people laboring for you and serving you drinks. I am not in that circle. Even then, of course, the kingpins of the global Elite fear ageing just like I do. The grisly rituals some of them are said to participate in fail to procure them eternal youth, although Silicon Valley magnate Peter Thiel now wants to legalize parabiosis. Hence some will jump at the advances of biomedicine and nanotech, which will at first presumably not be cheap. Right now, the afterlife seems more alluring to me than avoiding death in world still subject to the yoke of taxes (and to other yokes), but I don’t want to be sent back to reincarnate. Living in a fallen world like this one is a curse, although of course I am not endorsing suicide.

  • Jamie Konyi

    im 19 and id gladly take on immortality , maybe contribute to travel the universe by the end of my forever

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  • Anthony Booth-Young

    I would literally do ANYTHING to be Immortal, and i do mean ANYTHING

  • Soulhaiena

    One way we could deal with overpopulation is to populate other planets too, and spread ourselves throughout the galaxy and all that jazz. Just giving out ideas.

  • Kevin Worldsavior

    Everybody relax and rest assured! – Immortality already is a fact – I can make everybody immortal – The key to Immortality is staying absolutely healthy all the time – Any diseases on Earth and aging can be eliminated immediately and nobody will give a damn if the water and food are poisonous, or vaccines are mandatory, for everybody (kids and adults) will be absolutely invulnerable to any poisons and infections – Perfect Health already is not only a dream – It’s a reality – My discovery is light years ahead of any medical knowledge and even of the nanotech in keeping everybody (kids and adults) absolutely healthy all the time and by that making humans immortal (absolutely fit for any space missions and traveling in the Universe) – No vaccines, drugs and nanobots are needed for the job – Just the Oxygen from the air we breathe – I got the power (and everybody can possess it) to destroy any pathogens instantly, to curb any global pandemics and to erase any diseases from the face of the Earth in a matter of days – Any threat worldwide will be completely avoided, once everybody (kids and adults) start doing my discovery (the greatest one of all time on Earth and maybe in the Universe) – The WVCD – The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction – By far more powerful than the human immune system, keeping it intact all the time, for any pathogens are killed the moment they touch us – Just an exercise for a minute a day – The cure and prevention of any diseases, known on Earth for millions of years – Infections, Cancers, Diabetes, MS, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, Cardiovascular Diseases, Chronic Diseases, Autoimmune Diseases and Strokes – Even Tibetans and Yoga don’t know how to stay absolutely healthy all the time – Everybody (kids and adults) will stay that way, for the WVCD supplies every cell of our bodies with enough oxygen, that kills any pathogens the moment they touch us and prevents us from any diseases – The price of the WVCD for the whole world is 5 billion EURO – Just 25 million EURO per country – Once I am paid the money, everybody (kids and adults) will know how to stay absolutely healthy all the time – Never getting sick of any diseases even for a second – Welcome to Immortality!

    • Mairon Aulendil

      You should write an utopian novel and become the next Huxley, I promise you this will rather make you rich than disqus comments…

  • Dimeji

    I’d like being a Immortal. If it could be possible for me just in order to make things well…

  • TeamBleach

    i want to be immortal to become a witness of the evolution of the world its just fascinating how messed up and beautiful at the same time this planet is

  • diego

    I am 16 years old and have been pondering how to reach immortality since I was 14, I have had deep late night study’s and have developed many ways on how to achieve my goal i recently came across your post and was fascinated I cannot believe others have thought the same things that I have and I am excited! I really want to help… I have big plans for my life and I cant sit here thinking i am going to die one day. Might sound self righteous but I know i’m gonna do something big and if anyone knows what Classes i can take in College or something i can start researching right now to learn more about this would be really helpful to me.

    • Miyuki

      Research biological immortality and negligeable senescence, there are many new discoveries that have been made in genetics and various fields of study that show immortality is definitely possible. In terms of studying, you should look at research on stem cells as wells as the biochemistry of the human body,molecular genetics etc. It will help provide a basic understanding of how immortality could be achieved. Interesting fact is that there are immortal species in existence; the Planarian flatworm ,hydra, and a species of jellyfish that scientists have been able to modify as biologically immortal, so human immortality is only a matter of time.

  • Jimmyfatcorn

    I want immortality now not when I’m dead. The possibility of being immortal is a bright future to look at, but at the rate of progress we have now might as well freeze oneself and wait a thousand years.

  • Monica

    I think people that wants to be immortal are greedy, 100 years of life is enough. Stop grasping onto life like maniacs.

    • Robert Wang

      So what? Greed is a natural part of humans and has been a driving force behind our scientific advancement. 100 years is enough? Maybe for you, but for me, 100 years not nearly enough. We humans are ants compared to the universe. We haven’t even seen past the ground just past our anthole yet. If anything there are so many things I want to see and do that a measly 100 years won’t be enough. I believe mortality is just another flaw that will be fixed in our evolution. It’s just a ledge that stops many of us from fulfilling our goals and dreams. Many people may not agree with people like me but we will achieve immortality in the next 30 years and we will take it.

      • Mairon Aulendil

        It will stop Evolution and I’m not sure this would be a great thing considering all those morons on this world will live forever… Poor little mortals are not yet ready for immortality. Maybe a few millennias in the future, probably never…

    • حسان فيريرو

      So it’s you and those who think like you who should decide how many years we should all live? You know, I love life, and I have made really big moral efforts -and still making them- to accept and be happy with everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, politics, belief system. Also, I am very curious to know about all the knowledge we have accumulated and will accumulate throughout history and also I want to experience glaciations, going to other planets, terraformed planets, to see a civilization using bigger and bigger energy sources to power our civilization, seeing how the fauna and the vegetation of planet earth and other planets will evolve, seeing if we have neighbourgs, to drive a spacecraft, etc…you simply name it! So, with my energy and my will to live you mean that I should loose everything I am in 100 years and that it’s not my right to do all of this because my life experience time should be like yours, even knowing that there are very reasonable solutions to the problems that immortality might come with? You do not decide instead of me, and if I have a chance I will choose
      an extremely long life.

  • MrLenivchik

    I’d obviously choose immortality as it has infinite amount of possibilities. You see, our human physical life is limited because of our aging bodies (which is annoying) but achieving immortal lives we won’t be bound by those rules of mortal life. My point is we can do whatever the fuck we want, even travelling to other planets and do more stuff. Surely it is great.

    • paul berry

      You are a wise man we search for investors/partners adamandevewordresearch.blogspot.com/

  • Ben

    My name’s Ben and I’m 21.
    I’m not afraid of death, and I will embrace it when the time comes. but I’d love to be Absolutely Immortal.
    it’s not because I don’t want to die. it’s cause there are things that I want to do and none of those things would be possible without Absolute Immortality.
    For example: if you want to put an end to ISIS, you can kill 100 at most, before they catch you and behead you. but if it was impossible for ’em to finish you off, soon they’d realize that you’re not someone who they can fuck with.
    Someone with absolute immortality, can make the world a better place for the others.
    I for one, always wanted to be Absolutely immortal to finish those who make the world a living hell for the others.

    • MrLenivchik

      Yeah, you’re right. Absolute Immortality is fucking awesome. No rules, you’d be like a real living God among mortal humans. LOL, it’s true.

    • kale

      Why can’t ISIS be Immortal too? Or what makes you think they wouldn’t be Immortal? Why would you want to live for ever just to kill other people?

  • Altais Cms

    I’m 34 and my greatest wish ist to be immortal. I hate death. I also think that ageing and death are actually one reason for “the evil” in our world. Everybody has to make the best of their life, which means to live in constant stress, constant fear and constant competition with other people, animals, even Earth itself. Humans HAVE to be egoistic because of their limited life.

  • Spring

    I want to be immortal. help me

  • roskalnikov

    Get real. I am under 40…. The optimism here is too much and far too naive. There is a very good likelihood that humanity will destroy itself and the planet long before ‘immortality is achieved. Even if it we don’t manage to eradicate ourselves, how do you suppose the human race is going to sustain the endless exponential population growth that would be inevitable if people don’t die?

    • Anže

      Condoms. Lots of condoms. And then find a way to power people with electric, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll explain more in about 200 years.

  • Ethan

    I want to be immortal, and would do anything to be so cuz I don’t want to ever die

  • hellgurl

    i am 21, and i really want to be immortal.

  • Arias

    Immortality can be both a blessing and a curse. There would be those that would try to use immortality for ill will towards others. It is no different than people today using their power or title to control those that are unable to or refuse to think for themselves. On the counter side of this there would be those that choose to stand up for and defend other less fortunate than them. This is an eternal struggle. Immortality would give those that want to learn more about the universe the opportunity to do so. It really boils down to personal choices and opportunities given.

  • Brandon Klonowski

    i would want to be immortal because there isjust endless possibilities in an immortal life, if humanity doesn’t destroy itself, and possibly finds peace we could eventually travel our endless universe. Endless is the key word there. Having an endless life in an endless universe gives you an eternity of exploration, and new things, it would be impossible to not to have new adventure and learning opportunities in your endless life. And what if you have family that is alive immortaly with you? You would be with them for an eternity without the worry of losing them. All I’m saying with advancements in technology an endless life would never get boring. (Also I am fourteen, so what I just wrote may seem stupid to you, but I think that is why I would want immortality)

  • monsterhunter

    I am a 14 year old and would love to be immortal only if it were possible now… only if

  • paul berry

    It is odd to think of, but, being eternal in body, is more than possible…. There is one site that has found the once unknown causes of aging, and sickness, and has also found the cure. And did so by examining past data. We have had the ability now for over a century to end aging… Go to http://adamandevewordresearch.blogspot.com/ and on facebook go to https://facebook.com/adamandevewordresearch?reb_type=bookmark … Respect too all born of Adam/Atoms

  • Sang Kang

    Living an eternal life would come with a hefty price of what to do with all that time. I for one would like to live an eternal life just to see how humanity would turn out. Will we reach the point of transcendence and everyone become a higher form of life? Or would we destroy ourselves and no one would be left to advance? It’s certainly something to look forward to if your living an eternal life.

  • Frank Lazar

    A look at current developments is going have you at great difficulty finding reasons to say the pessimists are wrong. We continue as a society to ignore the very real issues of climate change, the growing scarcity of fossil fuels, and the continued growth of the coroporate industrial military complex. Our technology grows simultaneously more interdependent yet increasingly vulnerable to to events such as a massive coronal discharge which at a blink can send us crashing down to a pre-electronic age. One of the few things redeeming about the situation as it is is that no matter how evil our leaders are, they will eventually succumb to mortality. The Pessimists argue that if immortality is obtainable, only the worst of us will use it to literally put the rest of mankind in eternal slavery. History has yet to prove them wrong.

  • Hansel Feijoo

    I’d give anything for immortality lol

    • Jack Henderson


  • Filche Mitrevski

    i do know immortality is a curse, not a gift

    • You know? Or you have that opinion?


      • Hunter

        A religion combines Faith AND REASON. Check out St. Thomas Aquinas 5 ways prove god’s existence.

        • Now you’ve totally lost all respect and credibility. You’ve just shown how moronic your viewpoints are. St. Thomas Aquinas was a 13 century jackass. His statements may have seemed all knowing, and factual back in the 13 fucking century, but in today’s standards, No no no. It simply does not hold true, or convey any intellectual proof what so ever. Do me a favor, and watch this youtube video http://youtu.be/U3yKxvW9yNA! The guy may be a little brash, but his contradictions are 100% sound. Please try again, and bring some ACTUAL PROOF to the table next time!

          • Mairon Aulendil

            Religion is the heroine of the simple folk, so they don’t rebel against destiny and the ruling classes

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  • Terrence Lee Reed

    I am over 40, most people I know who want to be immortal are over 40 too.
    People that “fear” being immortal do so because it has such a negative portrayal in movies and fiction. True immortality is welcomed by any and all, but for themselves and those they love, not for everyone, especially those who are “evil” and need to be punished.

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