Immortality: When (soon) and How

Last Updated: 20 April 2016   Author: Glyn Taylor


Indefinite life extension will be possible within 30 years! Quite a ‘wow, really?’ prediction! This page is updated regularly with the latest outlook towards our potentially immortal future. Please comment with your thoughts and any new information you would like adding. Like us on Facebook to keep updated, coz that would be awesome!

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“Twenty Years ago the idea of postponing aging, let alone reversing it, was weird and off-the-wall. Today there are good reasons for thinking it is fundamentally possible.” – Michael R. Rose

   Within 30 Years?
We instinctively fail to see technological growth as being exponential. If you do not understand the concept of exponential growth, then chances are you do not think immortality will ever be possible, let alone understand that it could be achieved within 30 years. To find out more, read our explanation of exponential growth.


   The Experts Who Agree
Ray Kurzweil WIREDDon’t take our word for it – bring in the experts! Expert #1: Google. Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the Google co-founders support the theories of expert #2: Ray Kurzweil, who is the most popularised living futurist, as well as one of the leaders in the artificial intelligence industry, and chief of engineering at Google. He asserts that immortality could be achieved in as little as 20 years.

Moving from the technological realm to the world of bioengineering, we have expert #3: Aubrey de Gray, who is chief science officer at one of the most famous anti-ageing research foundations, the SRF. Aubrey de Grey, who was born in 1963, believes that there is a 50/50 chance he will be alive when humanity reaches immortality. He is one of the leading faces in the fight against ageing, and is often invited to present his anti-aging theories for universities, TED Talks, think tanks, and news outlets.

Jason Silva 2016Another face in the fight against ageing is expert #4: Jason Silva, who is a performance philosopher. To understand the brilliance of how he thinks, you must see his performances at his current YouTube channel, Shots of Awe. He supports the theories of both Ray Kurzweil and Aubrey de Grey, and describes immortality as the goal of humanity.

   The Researchers

Since 2010, progression in the life extension industry has relatively sky-rocketed, more so in Russia than anywhere else. We have seen the formation of many high profile research companies, departments, foundations, institutes, and initiatives, with the specific aim of radically extending life.

Ageing is a multi-causal complex genetically determined biological process, and so to research how to combat it, you need the merger of many related disciplines. View here to see just how complicated it is to even just track the bio-marker of ageing. The following example are only of groups that have the specific aim of life extension. Those specialising in sub-disciplines (but contributing to anti-ageing) are not listed.

SENS Research FoundationThe SENS Research Foundation (SRF)

The SRF aims to help build the industry that will cure the “diseases of ageing”. With this aim, they supply funding for the universities that are contributing to anti-ageing research. In addition to this, they run their own research centre, which brings together the knowledge of all anti-ageing sub-disciplines to gain an overseeing perspective. It is headed by the infamous, Aubrey de Grey. Here is the SENS Foundation Annual Report 2015.

Calico_LogoCalico (A company created by Google)

In 2013 Google helped launch Calico, an independent research and development biotech company, with the aim of combating ageing. Its CEO, Arthur Levinson is the Chairman of Apple and Genetech. In 2015 it announced it’s working with AncestryDNA, who can provide access to a unique combination of resources that will enable Calico to develop potentially ground breaking therapeutic solutions. It is also working with a biopharmaceutical company called AbbVie, who will provide scientific and clinical development support and its commercial expertise to allow therapies to enter experimental phases.

2045 Initiative LogoThe 2045 Initiative

This one makes a lot of headlines. It is taking a different approach; they aim to create technologies that will enable the transfer of an individual’s consciousness to a more advanced non-biological immortal carrier. Below is their forecast for how they plan to advance.

2045 Avatar Prediction

   Even More Researchers

The Buck InstituteMethuselah FoundationLongevity AllianceGeroWake ForestHuman Longevity, Inc.
Buck Institute for Research on AgingThe Buck Institute is the first independent research facility in the United States focused on understanding the connection between ageing and chronic disease, with the mission of understanding the mechanisms of ageing and to discover ways to prevent or treat age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, cancer, stroke, macular degeneration, osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes. Their operating budget FY 2016 is $29.3 million. Find out more about the Buck Institute.
Methuselah Foundation2Methuselah Foundation was co-founded by Dave Gobel and Aubrey de Grey in 2003 to shed light on the processes of ageing and find ways to extend healthy life. They assert that by 2030, 90 year olds can be as healthy as 50 year olds are today. Find out more about the Methuselah Foundation.
The International Longevity Alliance2The International Longevity Alliance mission is to promote the advancement of healthy longevity for all people through scientific research of ageing biology, development of new drugs and therapies, their fast implementation, improvement of public health policy in the field of ageing control, and education. Check out their 2015 annual report
GERO LongevityGero is a Russian drug discovery company creating first in class small molecule therapeutics using proprietary, industry leading molecular modelling methods and biology technologies. It was formed in 2015 as a result of merging Quantum Pharmaceuticals and GERO corp. Since 2009, Quantum Pharmaceuticals has conducted ageing research to target the identification of new drugs which could be developed to slow the process of ageing. GERO corp. was formed in 2012, with the aim to organize the collection of biological data from people of different ages, for subsequent machine learning analysis in order to formulate a human marker of ageing. Find out about exciting drugs Gero has in development.  
Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative MedicinePhysicians and scientists at WFIRM were the first in the world to engineer laboratory-grown organs that were successfully implanted into humans. Today, they are working to engineer more than 30 different replacement tissues and organs and to develop healing cell therapies – with the goal to cure, rather than merely treat, disease. Regenerative medicine is the “next evolution of medical treatments,” according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Check out the many Wake Forest research departments.
Human Longevity IncHuman Longevity, Inc. (HLI) is the genomics-based, technology-driven company creating the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of whole genome, phenotype and clinical data. HLI is developing and applying large scale computing and machine learning to make novel discoveries to revolutionize the practice of medicine. Check out the latest press releases from Human Longevity Inc.

   What is Immortality?

Some think of it as the complete immunity from death – the ability to get shot 200 times and then spit the bullets out. Maybe that will be possible one day, but it won’t be our first version of immorality. The immortality we mean here is the ability to remain a healthy age, indefinitely. Ideally this age will be 21, with our bodies being fully formed, before their decline.

   Mind Uploading is NOT Immortality

The 2045 Initiative are aiming to achieve immortality by uploading our ‘brain data’ out of our mortal biological minds and into an artificial one. Even if they manage to create a storage unit capable of working exactly like our own mind, all they are doing is copy and pasting – The copied version might be you in the moment of creation, but not from the next moment onwards. After seeing this copy and talking to it, would you then allow yourself to be turned off and replaced by it; to be killed? Well nah, I wouldn’t. That isn’t immortality, it’s reproduction.

Immortality is the indefinite maintenance of our biological minds.

   Why Live Forever?

When you read an immortality related article on a mainstream news website, half of the people in the comments section seem to hate the idea. Usually the negativity towards immortality is displayed by those who don’t understand what possibilities are waiting for us in the future; they think of an immortal life as boring. I wrote an article called “Why you will want to be immortal“, to argue against that point of view. Another big reason that people do not want to live forever is because they believe that they will miss their lost loved ones too much. In response to that, I wrote, “How everyone who has ever died, could be revived in the future“.

Mortality is primitive, it is just a problem for humanity to overcome. Immortality is a natural development in the evolutionary process of life.

   How we will Live Forever

Ray Kurzweil has every intention to reach immortality. To do so, he has devised a personal plan to get there which involves 3 bridges. His plan is of course dependent on science achieving our immortality in around 20-30 years. The current priority is surviving for at least 20 years.

   Bridge 1 – Be Healthy

The first bridge is all about doing everything possible to extend your life with our current knowledge of ageing.  The scientifically uncontroversial methods include: following a low-calorie (below 1500 calories), low-carb (below 80 grams) diet, and getting plenty of exercise and lots of sleep. Other methods raise eyebrows, such as drinking 10 glasses of highly alkaline water a day to rid the body of toxins, and having weekly intravenous infusions of vitamins, chelating agents and various other pharmaceuticals. Many other methods exist to rid the body of toxins, which can be found through a Google search. We have a guide on how to get enough antioxidants to extend life.

Immortality bridge 2 biotechnology   Bridge 2 – Biotechnology

The next bridge takes advantage of the accelerating biotechnology revolution. This will begin to take us beyond simply staying healthy, and into the realm of enhancements. Eventually biotechnology will cure aging, and even allow us to turn back our body clocks, on the journey there though discoveries will be made which will enhance our health, and extend our lifespans. We will see the increasing use of gene therapy, stem cells, therapeutic cloning, and replacement cells, tissues and organs.

   Bridge 3 – Nanotechnology & Artificial Intelligence

These technologies will completely revolutionise everything we know, how we live, why we live, and yes how long we live. For more information about the future that these technologies will create, read our explanation of the technological singularity.

Medical Nanobots Nano-sized robotic devices, miniature even compared to the size of a single blood cell, will become commonplace during the 2020’s. It is predicted that these devices will progress to be used within the body to maintain perfect health and youth. The devices are already being used for diagnosis purposes. They will provide constant monitoring and notify you if you begin to develop any health problems. For example, they will detect cancer at its very first sign of growth, notify you and latch on to the cancerous cells, tagging them for immediate removal. In the next few decades they will not only diagnose, but also treat illnesses. For more information, read our guide to the nanotechnology revolution.

Infinitely smarter than the human mindAnd we haven’t even mentioned Artificial Intelligence yet. Eventually through developments in nanotechnology, neural science, artificial brain building, and artificial intelligence, enough understanding will exist to enable our minds to be integrated into other storage mediums; we will have the ability to ‘upload’ our minds (with the aid of nanotechnology); this is also referred to as digital immortality. Alternatively, we could still operate from our original brains, but outsource its cognition. For example, we could control a robot instead of our own body, or we could plug in to a virtual environment. Our intelligence levels would be significantly increased, we would communicate telepathically, and we would access the internet with our thoughts. The changes that such technology will have on humanity is incomprehensible. For more information about this future, check out our information page about transhumanism.

Video Break! Below you can watch Ray Kurzweil explain more about bridge 3.


End of the WorldWhat about Existential Risk and Overpopulation?

So yeah, immortality would be great. But who’s to say we will even get there without destroying each other first? The upcoming security risks related to emerging technologies are immense. We have written an article about the 5 emerging technologies that could destroy the world.

And if we do survive to reach immortality, then what about overpopulation? We will have problems to face with regard to overpopulation and the need for resources. These problems though can be overcome with new technologies, and it will not interrupt humanities transfer to immortality. We have written a detailed article, explaining why immortality won’t cause overpopulation.

Global Cooperation

   Security can Prevail

Lets end on a positive. Along with advanced weaponry comes advanced defence. For example, with molecular manufacturing and early forms of non-conscious AI, a system of surveillance could be established to defend against the creation of illegal weaponry. This system would not be encroaching of privacies because humans will only be notified of your actions, should those actions be flagged by the system as suspicious. The only time your privacy will be invaded in an optimistic (non-dictatorship) future is when you are acting illegally.

Along with the advances may come a rising willingness to globally cooperate in order to progress with mutually beneficial aims such as self-sufficiency, immortality and space exploration; the threat of mutual destruction could become so great that nations will have no option but to come together and collaborate to tackle security problems together. On the subject of religious fundamentalism, with innovations such as immortality and the creation of god-like artificial intelligence, perhaps religions will become more open minded about the potential for science to explain the truth of our creation, acting to dilute religion and increase multiculturalization, secularisation and cooperation.


Question MarkHave more to add?

Know something important that should be added to this article? Please comment and let us know. In the future we will be allowing users of the website to write their own articles. Please contact us for more information.

What do you think?

Would you like to live forever? Please comment below.



  For commenting, please note that this page is continually being modified with updated news.

  • Joshua Males

    If we become immortal then time its self would be on irrelivent, and when I say that I meen we would be able to travel and explore more space and new planets cuz if we live for ever we can take the time to travel and explore and learn things together as a whole though , think of what the world would accomplish if we all worked together

  • Snehasish Ghosh

    I’m sure, that one day or the other we will achieve immortality. Every night i go through this page, i’m really excited to read something new about immortality. Even, i want to be a part of it, it is so fascinating. Good work sir, please keep on updating to it’s the deep core.

  • Jude

    If the world becomes to overpopulated, but we are ‘copy and pasted minds’ it will be easier for us to live longer

  • Branko

    Mind transfer solves all

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  • I was going to be the one to introduce Virtual Reality Matrix technology where the picture is in your head mind eyes to the world in 2009. You would have believed the money anyway. Also an Artificial Intelligence goes along with the VR tech as well. You can read my story here:

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  • Zachary Zarr

    Basically I am asking if you think the following is correct. Everything is from dark matter… dark matter lies quantumly with the act of conveying a zero perception… E=mc2 and we are inbred light babies.(sarcasm) m (+ or – )=E/c2 complexing prior via gravity created by a black hole from a (+ or -) star and any electromagnetic waves aka E trapped inside upon collapse. Extrapolation from recent discovery which claims matter can be made from light…I abstracted the following.

    Black holes arn’t compactors. There are infinetly many “event horizons” and on each level of matter, matter is broken down based on the historic events that took place between a previous event horizon.(quantum entanglement from outside) This process takes the complexes of what had been broken down atomicly to create the shape of what we call a universe. For every event horizon passed, more “parallel” events form, happening “relatively” quickly, on the whole, over the course of taking the “fading” events place. As we can percieve relatively only 1 dimensional idea of self, now, by crossing the event horizon it will multiply in the sense our body will cover more space disjointly so that at least a zero dimensional body of me is possible, say a single planet which is capable of sustaining life, to galaxy, ratio, respectively to the complete waveforms transcribed on all past parts me and only me…The distance between 2 different “points”, you and me, should stay “relatively” fixed to an all but absolute extent.So basically though from this perspective things travel in a straight line funneling down to a point, on that line, the relative way in which it quantifies to us is infinite expansion.why time is theorized to “stop”. Basically electromagnetic waves pass through and also into either the matter or antimatter gas cloud of a new forming star one which will (along with its own electromagnetic waves) produce a black hole which then produces a more complex universe (it is because of the excess of either + or – matter the new universe would possess continuic properties, or an evolved form, rather than parallel properties. furthermore the dynamics of the evolution, “rather fluid”, of a single celled organism continuously over the course of billions of years to point of me also technically indicates that this would therefore be a 4 dimensional singular conscious being as well, aka it (not the clown) could be more plant.. buut probably not(sarcasm). Starting from spectral electromagnetic radiation produced by galactic rotations and stars (helical), acting on the earth like a speaker acting on non-Newtonian fluid pulling up the first structure of a cell filling it simultaneously in with increasingly complex helical structures, also the first instance of gender, a quantum state which is reciprocated in sexual and non-sexual reproduction, luffing off into sub cellular division. this over billions of years. The minute electromagnetic pull, after death, on the dna moving things slowly into place for a fluid movement of me resulting in a perfectly perpendicular of matter to the last point of “production”, condensed back down into a “zero dimensional” explosive form, a fertilized egg in this case. (sort of like how earths electromagnetic field moves the hands of a compass). Though the electromagnetic plane waves (when an electromagnetic field decomposes…what it decomposes into…basically sheet version of the field) will be included into the formation of many different stars which will eventually form black holes the first one to produce a new universe should be the one you “phase” in, the rest parallels and essentially first-time existences… any point after the “zero dimension” phase (fertilized egg) mutation occurs unique electromagnetic field results corresponding to the new surrounding…MORE COMPLEX…universe…(physicists call them parallel…and are wrong) and all of this may take several blackhole phases to occur depending on how evolved…encompassing, you were. But probably wont concern any of us for a while…”yawn”…Anyways, eventually the amnesia will subside as we evolve. I wonder how long it will take for the collection of someone’s lifetime of moments, evolving harmonically, to turn parallel to each other and progress as one single happening. Forming a new color via infinite reflection on a point of relative infinity given the inverse square law…?

    Conclusion: Therefore everything percieved present is not and therefore isn’t. Yielding only the concept zero to exist as zero and arguably equal to everything as well as nothing: given the definition applies to disjoint infinite continuity.

    Do you agree? Thoughts?

    Thanks for reading Zachary Zarr.

  • Moosecat

    There will probably be a political ballot not so much different than freezing people, most folks will be horrified at the thought, others will have religious stigma, where as a small percent will crawl into a ball and frantically talk to themselves. The rest of us sane enough to try something new and different, hell even want a second chance at life will of course have to give up their right to breed. I expect some form of voluntary sterilization program, that or sign a giant EULA contract signed digitally, hand written and thumb and foot printed. Thirty years from then on we may even get to meet our Vulcan ancestors. VIVA LONGEVITY!!!

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  • Morgana

    “And in those days, they will seek death, and will not find it. Death will flee from them.”

    This is blasphemous but its right on target according to Revelations prophecy in the Bible, Gods holy Word and truth. Its right in front of your eyes and all of you dont even see it. God predicted this many thousands of years ago and put it in His Word for YOUR benefit to not follow after the mark of the beast, the anti christ, the false prophet. But mankind is hastily speeding along to its destruction for refusing to take the warning, love and obey God, and live through His rightious Son Jesus Christ who died for the worlds sins and their salvation.

    I will pray for all of you. Please get to know Jesus and God today and believe… and be saved. He is the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father accept through Him. Only He/God the Father can give you all immortality and eternal life in paradise. But you have to humble your hearts, admit you are sinners, need to be saved by Jesus, and believe in Him and repent. Repent, watch, and pray, for the time is at hand. Love you all and I tell you this not in hatred but in love. God doesnt want to see anyone perish but have everlasting life and come to repentence.

    I likewise love you all as brothers and sisters and do not want to see any of you perish either. I am told to love, spread the Gospel (good news) of Christ, and to try and help lead people back to God our Heavenly Father. God and Jesus His triumphant son and eternal King bless you all and save you. I will pray for you all. Pick up the Word of God today and remember this was long prophecied that this would all happen.

    The beast, anti christ, and false prophet are right around the corner and satan is the one pulling the strings trying to lie to you and lead you all into his deception. May Jesus/Yeshua help you all and our Father in Heaven too. I love you my brothers and sisters… and God and His son loves you too!

    “For God so LOVED THE WORLD, He sent His ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, that all who believe in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

    God loves you my friends and heavenly family! As do I. <3

    • Morgana

      And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them. – Revelation 9:1-6
      Sorry forgot to list the verse and chapter 😛

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  • Christopher Day

    I would love to be immortal and cloned but have control over my clones so I can be in more than one place at the same time. The reason I would like to be immortal is i want to learn everything. I’m on my way to learning everything now. That’s how I came across your article on immortal reality.

  • Selena

    I definately want to live forever the thought of my death absolutely mortifies me and never want to have to face that fear. I developed that fear 3 years ago and still have that fear even now .

    • Fernando Froner

      I’m with you, but i trust science A LOT.

  • Veruni

    This is very nice article. At first I also against the idea of the immortality, but when my age closing to 30, I began to think how little it was the time remaining for us, only around this age I started to think I want to savor as much time as I can with my family. Parents growing older, brother and sister starting their own life and so on.

    I can’t think very far of the chance that I will live forever, but if it is to live for a longer time, it will be a different story. If I was ask “do you want to live forever?” I will definitely say no. But, if I was ask “Do you want to live for a thousand years together with your family, love one, and friends?” I might say yes. I think living forever might had the problems such as the lack of motivation for us to advance further since we did not have an “end”, but if it is to prolong our lives and enable us to live for thousand of years, I am all for it. One of the example that I excited about it is the possibility for me to have the chance with my parents and family to take an interstellar flight. That might be one of the example from me, and of course there are much more fascinating future that we can experienced if we really can live up to thousand of years. Regardless, thanks to the author for such mind-opener article.

  • Tuvix

    Its the difference between copy and paste vs cut and paste that we should really focus on. A copy paste brain isn’t you, it should might as well be a technological equivalent of a clone. It would have all your memories and ideas etc.. However part of its brain function will also be software driven.

    I’m not saying its impossible but its implausible to compare copy/paste to cut/paste, in the cut paste argument you could have the same constructive machine body. Same artificial brain as the above but until you figure out how to cut and paste out of a biological being and transport that data if you will into the artificial mind/body all you are essentially doing is making a knock off copy.

    We can already do this without sending someone to the operating theater. You can write an artificial intelligence program that has the equivalent of your experiences and thoughts. Perhaps not a 100% accurate copy but less gruesome compared to the above.

  • Cheatreal

    Probably only rich people would be able to reach immortality if it really will be available.
    And often, those filthy rich people are the cancer of the society.
    They would manipulate mortals like puppets for centuries.
    Considered a very advanced futuristic system of storing memories, humanity would be doomed.
    Immortals(with a sure change in their personality) would start a period of pure hell on earth.
    People say over-population, but now way in hell they would make it publicly available if completed.

  • Draighean

    I’m up for it, i’m a historian and time is one of the things i want to have, there is just so much stuff to learn in our world, now just imagine how many things we can learn of the universe, i want to be there to do it, i want to protect that knowledge and share it for thousands of years.

  • Xzypherz 47

    I just have one question,lets say my whole family wants to join me in this virtual reality world,will i see my real family or some fake virtual reality family?

  • Xzypherz 47

    what will happen to our familys will they join us to or just go into a different vr?

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  • Supercharged95

    Here’s the rub, so to speak. As a people the greatest threat we face is overpopulation. Far greater is this threat than any other commonly offer up for consideration. When such technology becomes possible, assuming it hasn’t already it won’t be available to you and me. Politicians, CEO’s, the very elite will be the benefactors. In truth once the technique to remove a human brain and then transplant it, the game is up. Again only the super elite will benefit at the cost of the healthy that will be seen only as candidates for culling. If I’m wrong then, There will come a time when we will have to decide do we have the right to continue our personal existence at the expense of future generations. We need to control our population, even if this means enforcing a unpopular policy of 1-2 children per couple. Now should our space traveling abilities increase 1000 times over and we find habitable planets to colonize to alleviate population issue’s. Then we have to ask, do we have the right to alter that worlds natural development again to continue our personal existence. If as a species we were facing extinction the question of morality is mute, at least as far as I’m concerned.

  • Outcast

    Closed minded people would say this is a bunch of mumbo jumbo. Even though I am against transhumanism, I do believe that things will be different for the human race and that the world will change in the future but all of this scares me a lot. I’m nervous and worried about what’s too come.

  • Davit Janezashvili

    This video highlights some basic aspects, about immortality

  • Jaybz

    It’s already happening in front of our eyes. Psychiatric drugs are making people immortal and ‘mental’ simultaneously. Believe it or not.

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  • Emily Brock

    So, I would love to be proven wrong, but how is it “immortality”? If anything it’s just prolonged longevity. Even if we beat aging, what stops other accidents? This article doesn’t believe in mind transfer, but I’m kind of iffy with it as Ray Kurzweil said (and his predictions are right 84% of the time):
    “In the 2040s, humans will develop “the means to instantly create new portions of ourselves, either biological or nonbiologicial” so that people can have “a biological body at one time and not at another, then have it again, then change it, and so on.” (The Singularity is Near, Page 258)
    So if that’s possible, then great, we have immortality. But we need to understand how consciousness works, and that might never happen. I realize we are trying and I encourage that. We need mind back up in order to ensure anything. It’s to keep in mind that google bought a computer that thinks like a human. It could be possible with the intelligence that comes along with AI.
    Aubrey de Grey doesn’t believe in immortality, despite his name being in this article.
    Right now, people are trying to bring back people from the dead, and we will see the results of that in 2-3 months. I’m also aware of cryonics, which Ray K plans on using as back up if he were to pass before he cures aging, which he believes the technology will be there in 2040. So if we were to die before mind uploading is a thing, couldn’t we just be frozen until it is?
    I’m also aware of the end of the universe, but I imagine by then (if it happens) we can create a new universe or go to another one. Especially if mind uploading is a thing, it’ll be that much easier. I realize that I’m switching from it’s possible to it isn’t in my comment, but I feel that there are ways, but whether they can happen or not is up for debate. So right now, my answer is that it probably won’t happen. Everything is capable of death, but science can prevent it. Right now, we just don’t have the means.

  • Arthur Byrne

    amazing article, revolutionary thinkers {like you) are what’s going to get us there. I better start saving as I doubt it will be cheap!

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  • Damien Hunter

    Sounds amazing but this may be a real issue for anyone who believes in god and his will. Being immortal may not be appealing and in their mind it would have gone against the entire concept of being re-united with their lord after death, which would not be the case if they are to live forever.

  • Michael Pomerantz

    I am 50 years old. So I say hurry up. There is so much I want to do and learn. One lifetime is not enough. If we lived longer wisdom that took years to acquire would not be lost but continue to grow. A master craftsman could continue to increase his knowledge and refine his skill. Of course we would continue to share our knowledge and wisdom with our young. But we would not be limited by the need to reteach existing knowledge to the next generation before advancement is made. We could raise our threshold of knowledge much quicker. I do not see a problem with over-population. Longer lifespan would enable us to explore further into the universe.

    • Emily Brock

      You could try to have your body or brain undergo cryonic preservation.

  • Matthew Zebadiah Conner

    If you want a subject to test any of those ideas on, I’ll be the first to volunteer! I think the mentioned ideas are amazing and innovative. I think immortality would give me the chance to spend time learning all the things I want to, without a countdown to death.

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  • traxxion

    They said the same thing in the 50’s and 60’s based on the advances of medicine, the discovery of the DNA’s structure, the introduction of computers, etc. Pretty much the same as now, only less advanced. We already know that enzymes like telomerase can reverse aging, but the fact this results in cancer seems to indicate that the bodies natural laws reject attempts to combat aging in this manner.

    The focus of transhumanists has shifted very much toward remaking the body rather than the ideal of preserving it and as such it follows that:
    1) you would no longer be human
    2) a facsimile is not “you” no matter how good it is

    • C G

      “a facsimile is not “you” no matter how good it is”

      You are already a facsimile of yourself, since all the atoms in your body get replaced in the span of 10 years or so.
      In particular, your current brain shares no atom with the original brain you were born with.
      Still, do you consider yourself a copy? Because technically, you should.

  • peeza

    Nah, only the wealthy would get it (I mean the real wealthy ones, world bankers, royal families and stuff) and they would live on Mars and shit. Ordinary folk would just rot and die on this planet. It’s capitalism after all, who’s gonna pay for all that? Men, work for the kings. End of story…

  • peeza

    Nah, only the wealthy would get it (I mean the real wealthy ones, world bankers, royal families and stuff) and they would live on Mars and shit. Ordinary folk would just rot and die on this planet. It’s capitalism after all, who’s gonna pay for all that? Men, work for the kings. End of story.

  • Anon……

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  • Kevin Worldsavior

    Everybody relax and rest assured! – Immortality already is a fact – I can make everybody immortal – The key to Immortality is staying absolutely healthy all the time – Any diseases on Earth and aging can be eliminated immediately and nobody will give a damn if the water and food are poisonous, or vaccines are mandatory, for everybody (kids and adults) will be absolutely invulnerable to any poisons and infections – Perfect Health already is not only a dream – It’s a reality – My discovery is light years ahead of any medical knowledge and even of the nanotech in keeping everybody (kids and adults) absolutely healthy all the time and by that making humans immortal (absolutely fit for any space missions and traveling in the Universe) – No vaccines, drugs and nanobots are needed for the job – Just the Oxygen from the air we breathe – I got the power (and everybody can possess it) to destroy any pathogens instantly, to curb any global pandemics and to erase any diseases from the face of the Earth in a matter of days – Any threat worldwide will be completely avoided, once everybody (kids and adults) start doing my discovery (the greatest one of all time on Earth and maybe in the Universe) – The WVCD – The Weapon of Virus and Cancer Destruction – By far more powerful than the human immune system, keeping it intact all the time, for any pathogens are killed the moment they touch us – Just an exercise for a minute a day – The cure and prevention of any diseases, known on Earth for millions of years – Infections, Cancers, Diabetes, MS, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, Cardiovascular Diseases, Chronic Diseases, Autoimmune Diseases and Strokes – Even Tibetans and Yoga don’t know how to stay absolutely healthy all the time – Everybody (kids and adults) will stay that way, for the WVCD supplies every cell of our bodies with enough oxygen, that kills any pathogens the moment they touch us and prevents us from any diseases – The price of the WVCD for the whole world is 5 billion EURO – Just 25 million EURO per country – Once I am paid the money, everybody (kids and adults) will know how to stay absolutely healthy all the time – never getting sick of any diseases even for a second – Welcome to Immortality!

    • Nekosite

      Literally no breakthrough in longevity technology would be developed, advertised or financed like this, especially by a single megalomaniac aided by giant stream of unparagraphed rant text.

      You must think people involved in transhumanism are idiots.

      This isn’t even a quality joke.

      • Kevin Worldsavior

        Look, your problem is that you are blinded by your own stupidity.

        • Nekosite

          Oh yes, clearly I’m stupid for advocating not sending money to an anonymous interweb stranger with zero credentials. Go back to what containment board you crawled out of.

        • Nekosite

          A stranger with horrible grammar and structuring skill and absolutely zero understanding of pathology in medicine none the less.

          You threw a developmental disorder, the removal of which from the DSM is under serious consideration, into an arbitrary list of unrelated conditions seemingly jumbled together to cause knee-jerk reactions for fucks sake.

          0 / Shit Post. Never troll again and please consider suicide.

  • Kush Rai

    I request Honourable Mr . Ray Kurzweil to please , please , please read this to make Human Being immortal

    Best Way to achieve Immortality-
    To make Human Being Immortal , the best way is to replace all the Natural Organs systems and Organs which are essential for living by its respective Artificial Non-living Organs system and Organ which will do its functioning exactly like a natural organ system and organ does our living , the only difference will be that these Artificial organ system and organs will be an Artificially made non -living machine having infinite working capacity and durability which can last forever and can do its functioning till the end of time which on the other hand natural organ system and organs cannot do . For example Replace Our natural Heart by an Artificial Heart , Similarly replace all the 5 natural organ system like Cardiac System (Heart and Blood vessels), Respiratory System (Lungs and other organs) , Digestive system (stomach, Liver , Intestines , pancreas and other organs) , Nervous system (Brain and Nerves) , Excretory system (Kidney and other organ) and many other organs which are essential for living by there respective Artificial Organ system and Organs . Trust me this is the only way to make humans immortal . There is no other way by which human can become truly immortal (which can last forever till the end of time ) . Many scientist and researcher are saying that by curing ageing we can become immortal , but I do not think so . Frankly , speaking I too respect the study and research of “How to cure Ageing” and I too believe that ageing is one of the factors which leads to death but Ageing is not the only factor that leads to death , there are many other factor too that leads to death . Therefore , even after if we can cure ageing we cannot say that we had achieve immortality because there will be many other factor which will lead to death . For example – even after curing the ageing process or curing ageing , we cannot say that the human being had become immortal because then also the human being will die due to infectious disease like malaria , pneumonia because these diseases are not related to ageing , even a small child can have these disease and can lead to death . Therefore , even after curing the ageing process we cannot cure death because humans then also will die from infectious diseases like malaria , pneumonia . Whereas , if we replace our natural organ system and other organs which are essential for living by these artificial non-living organ system and organ which will do its function exactly same as natural organ system and other organ does for living , we can say that human will become immortal because these artificial organ system will not get affected by any kind of infectious diseases like malaria , pneumonia because these are basically an artificial non-living machine therefore no bacteria or virus can affect them because these are basically a non-living machines . Moreover , even if we cure the ageing process then also we cannot stop humans from death which are caused due to the Human being’s bad habits like Many Types of cancer which are also caused by human being bad habits like consuming tobacco , smoking , etc apart from genetical factor , cardiovascular diseases like heart attack caused due human beings bad habits like consuming high cholesterol diet etc because even if we cure the ageing process then also we cannot stop death caused due to these disease because these disease are not related to ageing . Therefore , even after curing ageing we cannot stop death from these diseases until we have our natural organ system and organ because these disease will definitely arise one or other day even after curing the process of ageing and thus , lead to death . On the other hand if , we replace our natural organ system by these artificial organ system and organ then we can prevent the death caused by these factors because these artificial organ system and organs will be made on such platform that Human Being’s bad lifestyle effect cannot affect them at all , it will have the capacity to tolerate all the bad effect of human being’s bad lifestyle . Moreover , I also want to describe that even after curing the process of ageing we cannot stop death due to genetical disease like cancer and cardiovascular disease which are caused in human being due to genetical caused . Thus , we cannot stop death due these disease even after curing the ageing process until we have natural organ and organ system in our body . On the other hand , if we replace our organ by these artificial non-living organ then we can prevent death due to these disease because these genetical disease will not even arise in these artificial organs and organ systems because these are basically an artificial non-living machine which does not contain any gene inside it and as they do not contain any gene in it obviously they cannot have any genetical disease in it
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    Thus , I think that I had covered all the ways by which a man can die and the interesting thing is that these artificial non-living organs and organ system can prevent itself from all the ways of death . Thus , if we replace our natural organ system and organ by these artificial non-living organ system and organ we will become immortal forever till the end of time

    Therefore , I request Honourable Mr.Ray Kurzweil to please , please , please , start thinking and researching on this path because this is the only way by which we can become immortal forever till the end of time . On the other hand , if we talk about research on Curing Ageing , I had briefly explained above that even after curing ageing , we cannot become immortal forever till the end of time because even after curing ageing we can die by other means . Thus , replacing the natural organ system and organ by its respective artificial non – living organ system and organ is the only way which can make us immortal forever till the end of time

    Thus , I once again request Honourable Mr.Ray Kurzweil to please , please , please , start thinking and researching on this path
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    • Nekosite

      I like what you are saying buy how exactly is a machine organ “non-living.”It is animate and functions in the same manner then it is alive. I think you mean to make a distinction between organic and synthetic.

  • Tomas Emfenberg

    Overpopulation will of be a huge major in the continuing advancements on these eraeas, But honestl loo how fast PC hardware goes into Mainware and EVERONE gets to feel the power of the nxt genexs of CPUs or GPUS, I love the progress of speed when we get in to this area, all I can say to ALL ppl working on this keep up your good work and if u ever need any fund PM me and ill try to help out, BUT I will need full worktroguth :DD cherrs, Psyco DasdasdkasdåohåosssdaasdOverpopulation will of be a huge major in the continuing advancements on these eraeas, But honestl loo how fast PC hardware goes into Mainware and EVERONE gets to feel the power of the nxt genexs of CPUs or GPUS, I love the progress of speed when we get in to this area, all I can say to ALL ppl working on this keep up your good work and if u ever need any fund PM me and ill try to help out, BUT I will need full worktroguth :DD cherrs, Psyco D

  • john mackenzie

    It is simply what we do now when we dream and who is to say those dreams will eventually Belong to us.

  • Jordan Cardillo

    I am fine with any of the concepts here immortality would be amazing
    sign me up.

  • serafim

    Are you all dumb immortality is first philosophically difficult to acive, but not changing of the human it self. Changing humanity it’s transformation or recreating in other way. I see the immortality like challenge waiting to be achieved but not by taking shortcuts.

    • Nekosite

      Ummmmmmmm, what. If you’re going to called people dumb you might what to have the following paragraph to make sense.

      If you implying that homo sapiens sapiens are already capable of immortality and that philosophy is going to be the catalyst that causes it… well I hate to break it you, but no.

  • Timothy James Kal

    I like the idea but what would the hologram body look like? Would this be available for all population? There’s a few questions I would like to ask. What about gangs and terrorists. Would they not get one? Really interested in this. Hope the answers will be told soon. Hope to stay around for as long as I can. I think it would better life allowing people to realize and make their life dreams. I don’t know about getting bored. I mean work is boring but jobs should offer years off instead of days. Travel the world, see everything, build new things, see how far we can go? I am fairly religious, but if some animals are already immortal it may be God’s will for us to learn and adapt as well.

  • Timothy James Kal

    I hope it is possible. I hope they realize it can be done sooner than 35 years. Would love to have my whole family around for that transfer. It would be nice and less stressful knowing you had unlimited time.

  • ur mummy

    I want to be immortal but i wouldn’t like watching all of my loved ones die around me

    • diego

      This is something a lot of people say and i’m sorry but I think its very ignorant, Let me explain being immortal is a privilege all would love to have, people who don’t do not understand its capabilities and let their feelings and “humanity” get in the way. Imagine being able to travel the universe without needing food water and not having a end point… we would theoretically be able to explore everything the question that everyone is asking would be solved, Not only that but we would be able to advance so much in science not having a certain amount of time to do research and we could possibly become ascended beings in some point in time. Now my take on this is i want to contribute later in my life i want to be part of the team that solves this grand mystery because i know feelings and anything of physical value is just something for lesser beings and what truly matters is who lives and who dies.

    • daigo


  • Peter

    The Hologram Body in Body D and the Mind Transfer in the diagram sound a lot like virtual reality – or any of the theories formulated lately as a result of discoveries in quantum mechanics. Matter does not exist, even Max Planck and Albert Einstein realized that, and everything is quantized, even time. In this view time and space do not exist but are manifestations of the technical requirements of the grand computer that this virtual reality runs on: clock speed as time, pixels as 3D space, etc. So, maybe we have already achieved immortality long ago, live in a “holographic universe” (one that is defined by a stream of data delivered in Delta Time chunks) and over time grew tired of the never-ending game and introduced “death” as a forced conclusion of a session (like check-mate in chess). How would the players get out of the game so persistent that they are certain is real, if there was no death? So, maybe we are just recreating real life within a game?

    • Nice! I talk about that idea in another article –

      Among other reasons we might be in a simulation, if we have put ourselves here to simply live fresh life cycles, would the plug be pulled on this one if it gives us indefinite life/time within its simulation? Would be nice if when we learn how to live indefinitely, I figure appears in the sky and says “game over, come back to paradise”

  • delusional

    Never going to happen…

    • Matt West

      You’re only saying that because it never has, but that’s never been shown to be a valid way to predict the future where technology is concerned.

  • Sergey Fedorovich
  • Elliot Sumner

    I’m with you up until ‘mind transfer’. We don’t know if mind is a structure, or a process. If it’s a structure, creating an identical structure in an alternative substrate (i.e. an artificial copy of your brain) could theoretically, maybe, allow the translocation of a consciousness into that structure. If there were some way to physically extract & re-inject the exact energy footprint of a mind, down to the absolute lowest level of electrical & even quantum activity. But what if two identical structures existed at the same time? Would you have two instances of your consciousness? Trippy stuff.

    If, however, mind is a process, an emergent property, creating an identical structure does not create another ‘you’, it creates the conditions for a similar consciousness to exist. It might enable a consciousness that “thinks* it’s you, but actually isn’t, it’s an independent consciousness, just with the same memories. There is no guarantee of continuity of experience. It all sounds massively optimistic.

    • LazyBones

      “It all sounds massively optimistic.” No more optimistic than the inception of heavier than air flight, self driving cars and computers the size of your hand. In the technological age, it is unavoidable that the line between what is “real” and “virtual” will continue to blur, to the point where the two will be virtually (no pun intended) indistinguishable. If you consider the future solely in terms of present intelligence and technology, then of course it sounds unlikely. I have to say, I was fascinated by the rest of your post.

    • Xia Arizaka

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. And the problem is there would be no way to prove or disprove that a separate consciousness has been created because it has the same thought processes and memories as the original.

      • Ahorer

        What if your aware of it when they are moving your consciousness to another body? that would be awesome! Ofc if they create another consciousness and move your memories, and then turn you off your dead, because thats not you just a clone with same memories, but if you move to another body by yourself things will totally change, so I do believe at first we need to have our bodies modified to be able to transfer to another body while your aware of it! thats the only way you can assure that you haven’t died in the proccess and going to live as yourself in future!

        • Ahorer

          And tnx for a such an awesome article keep up the good work

    • Nekosite

      Even if the mind is just an emergent phenomenon why would that null the possibility of effective uploading?

      If a copy of ones brain (with all the memory tracer intact) can be made non invasively and link created between the original organic brain and the copy made so that the consciousness effectively exists on both wetware systems, then I don’t see why a split cannot be made, either fully or partially transferring the phenomenon of copiousness. In this case the “trippy tuff of the same continues existing in two instances may be very possible or you can just terminate the original brain when it can be made certain that consigns has indeed migrated.

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  • Diego Elizondo

    Keep up the good work! I admire your website and will continue to follow it.

    • Thank you, Diego!

      • Johnny Sage

        Thank you Glyn. I really appreciate the work and keep posting updates. I would love this to become my new obsession.

  • Guest

    I gotta said, this is one of the best web pages related to singularity because its updated. Keep up the good work!

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  • ajayt6

    You wrote that we will have unlimited sources of entertainment and adventure in the future and humanity will never get bored. But just think of the condition when everybody has everything. I believe that in such a situation people will get bored of life because of this very fact (there is nothing to achieve) . There will be an increasing tendency to ponder over the meaning of life and the point of existence when no one has nothing they need to do for their continued existence (a long and off-course extrapolation of the saying ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’).

    • Boredom and depression, as you say, will likely remain a concern. I believe though that even if we reach a time when we all can have everything, we will find methods to prevent boredom. For example, we could enter ‘fresh life cycles’: We could begin life again as babies (with no memories from our immortal life) in simulated environments, then when we die in the simulated environment, we will wake up in the real world with all of our memories attached. Or we could place ourselves in environments (simulated or not) where we do not have everything that we want/need, and we will have to work to get what we want.

      The more creative people could never get bored as long as there is the possibility for any type of innovation. And exploring the universe will be something that will take keep us occupied for quite some time.

      A future beyond this century is incomprehensible, due to currently unknowable future technological advances, so it is hard to speculate. But what I suspect will become humanities aim is to find out what that meaning of life is. To break the boundaries of our universe and discover what else is out there, what might of created us and why/how we exist. Perhaps it will become such an obsessive aim, that the majority of people will refuse to give up on life while the mystery is still out there.

      • ajayt6

        I had also been thinking of the prospect of entering ‘fresh life cycles’ and i almost agree with you. It seems very exciting and seems like the ultimate solution to the problem that is boredom. But then it would be like different ‘instances’ of us living different lives. Unless we wake up with ‘memories attached’.

        But then again (maybe because i am overly pessimistic and a bit uncreative), I believe that we will ultimately start thinking about the meaninglessness of it all (different people may reach this point after different periods of time) and crave for mortality. This time period maybe hundreds or thousands of years. The sad thing is for these people suicide will be the only solution (or maybe a permanent sleep which is almost like death and hence suicide) and their ends would be in the most unspectacular and boring manner (when every bit of passion would have been drained from them) .

        I am not saying that the prospect of immortality does not excite me (it is an amazing possibility). In a nutshell, what i am saying is that boredom will visit everyone at some point in their immortal lifespans and it wont be a ‘good’ visit. The love for life would ironically create hate for that very same life through immortality.

        • And hey, we could possibly be in a ‘fresh life cycle’ right now 😉

          I agree with you. And it will be quite something if/when the main cause of death becomes boredom. Who knows what solutions we will find, it is definitely a worry though.

          Our immediate worry is surviving to encounter those worries… – Something It think you will be interested in.

          Are you on Facebook / Google + / Twitter ?? Connect there? I like how you think

          • guest

            This might sound ridiculous but marijuana is a better cure for boredom than suicide. Seriously, Learning how to invoke feelings of bliss on our experience sounds like a nice pastime. Although, I think after a while people would become what the Buddha called “enlightened” and might begin to starve themselves. But supposedly its not such a bad thing when you get to that point.

          • Ahorer

            What if we become the gods of our creations? and ofc theres a chance that we ourselves are someone/thing elses creation, just thinkin about it makes me feel excited to live to see what happens next, and what will happen to humanity as time passes… But theres few things that really concers me, first of all what if we’re all controled to live what we live can we overcome it or were living in a world with limited possibilities…? Or what if we understand that we have nothing left to do anymore? Will we try to overcome this problem too? I never believed in god but what if we finally get the chance to meet the creator or the cause of the universe we know so far? Will we finally stop and turn the whole thing off or the creator will? Ofc it will take lots of time to get there and we will be thinkin totally different when we reach that point, but i myself really want to give immortality a try :))) ! And see where we go….

          • Yes, ‘fresh life cycle’ is a useful idiom. I write futurism based on DNA preservation, with Humanism as the overarching credo. My model is that the Self is subtended by our DNA, not our brains. There’s a fork there, as Berra and Bitcoin might say. I’m Dwight Gilbert Jones @humanism

    • aofarrell

      We as we are will always look for goals to achieve, with the future technology our goal will be to find how we become to exist and why, which we may never find out so we will just explore space thaat will never Finnish we will go from one galaxy to the next and so forth.

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  • Gary Steven Mezo

    Increasing quality and quantity of your life is already available through reversing status of existing arteriosclerosis…..the #1 current cause of death in 65% of people. Without arteriosclerosis, you won’t die of heart attack or stroke….you don’t have to wait 25-35 years to benefit. You can RIGHT NOW add life to your years and years to your life with NanobacTX. Read the science & cardiology clinicals at

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  • >>Well maybe somebody out there is already uploading the consciousness of the dead, and at some point in our evolution as immortals there will come a point where we have reached the level where our lost ones have resided since their death on Earth.

    You’ve just described a big part of the plot from the book: “Memories with Maya – The Dirrogate” (Digital Surrogate)

  • Alvin William Dysart

    Very fascinating, sign me up. I will go learn about Nano technology in the next couple years!