Artificial General Intelligence

Infinitely smarter than the human mind

At some point within the next 20 years, artificial intelligence is expected to exceed the intelligence levels of the human mind. This site will provide you with updates in the progression towards reaching this world changing landmark. Read below for more information about AGI.

What is AGI?

AGI is defined as an artificial construct that is able to perform any intellectual task that a human can. Once we create this, we will also be able to make this artificial construct far more intelligent than humans. Subsequently, the AGI will learn how to make itself infinitely more intelligent. The point when AGI can do this is often called, the Technological Singularity.

AGI and Humans will be one in the same

It is very important to understand this: Our technology is an extension of ourselves, it is the outsourcing of our cognition. We are already at the stage where we feel lost should we be separated from our technology (Smart Phones). Our merging with technology will become more prevalent during this decade, first with the advent of Smart Watches and Google Glass this year (2013), then with the implanting of technology, and the attachment of mind controlled robotic limbs for amputees. In another 20 years we will have nano sized robotic devices in our bodies, fighting diseases.

The point here is, AGI will not be a separate entity, it will be an advanced human mind. It will not turn against us, because it will be us.

Anti-AGI terror threat

The fear that some will have of the possibility AGI will turn against humans in the ‘Terminator, Judgement Day scenario , will spark an opposition to technological advancement. Other reasons for opposition will be religions ones, most prominently this will be from Radical Islam. Cultural conservatism will be another major reason for opposition. Hugo de Garis calls the resulting anti-technology terrorists ‘terrans’ . He warns that major conflicts could occur due to this opposition in the coming decades.

AGI is an inevitable evolution

AGI though could never be prevented. The creations of AGI will also enable us to become immortal. Many people will be prepared to fight to acquire this immortality. Enacting laws to prevent it will not be an option, as it will cause more conflict than it would prevent. Also, governments will want to acquire AGI level intelligence before other countries do, for the sake of their international security.

Progress for AGI development

AGI development is spearheaded most notably, by Ray Kurzweil at Google. Watch below for his explanation of his work.


Examples of research

Other companies spearheading AGI research are, the OpenCog Foundation and the Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute. Many other areas of research are contributing to the eventual development of AGI. Many companies exist with the sole purpose of brain mapping and artificial brain building, as well as of course much research being conducted at universities. Other relevant research is called biomedical computing, research centers for this can be found here,


“AGI will be developed by 2029”

Ray Kurzweil, who is developing AGI at Google.


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  • William Price

    This will bode badly for the poor and the underclasses and disadvantaged. All this technology, AGI and Nanotechnology will only advance the interest of the well off, the Super Rich. As we look around the world today, we see mass inequality and poverty. All this will in no way help them, indeed, it will only drive them further under. It will surely cause Super Great Conflicts in the future. The tremendous struggle will surely ensue, between the have and have not, which is already underway in the world. This just might be the root cause of the “Great Tribulation” as described the the Bible. I realize that there is no turning back, so may GOD help Humanity!

    • Chas Coleman

      Posted using a computer that he used to teach himself about the issues concerning AGI and world economics while bemoaning the adverse effects of technology which is gender and economic class neutral. Opportunity was never so widely spread and available to anyone in the world since the internet and global trade have opened up. What limits people is themselves and their emotional judgments about the future and technology. Yes poor people have less money that always helps in competition with others, but they have everything else. Well educated people, many who have learned their skills over the internet, are now finding jobs working for someone in a distant country who they’ll never meet. That is how technology makes us all part of the same world economy and soon world government. Or you can whine about how the world is passing you by…

  • Sang Kang

    It’s just a matter of time when machine do catch up with Human thinking. We should really ask and answer, we really prepared to welcome a different life form in our life time? The potential to usher in to a new era for humanity with our new found partner or it could mean a complete demise for our kind. I’m sure this has a profound impact and potential is endless for us but history taught us technological advancement always comes at a high price.

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  • aofarrell

    A.g.i is already developed but is early in progress there are several which move a feel as we do and there’s 1 which actually thinks for him self, learns, understands, solves problems and his skin is made from nanomaterial called frubber which will be used in the near future for skin grafting, this A.G.I is on you tube and has been around for a few years.
    So what you are hearing about what is coming is already here they are a good 20 – 25 years ahead in technology but the government and military are wearing thin of time and cant keep it hidden much longer as universities’ across the globe are discovering what the government and military have had for years, and google are playing a big roll in this they will be the worlds leading technology giant owning nearly 85% of the market, new law will be implemented for new world order, 1 leader, 1 world.

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